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Power Rankings: MAC Media Guides

Which team has the best cover for their 2016 media guide?

mac football helmet

With MAC Media Day last Thursday also came the debut of the media guides for many of the programs in the conference. For your convenience, we ranked each of the media guide covers in the MAC, starting with...

#1 Central Michigan

CMU 2016 Media Guide
CMU Athletics

This is about as good a cover as you can make for a media guide. It has everything: Coach Bonamego front-and-center with several players flanking him, Kelly/Shorts Stadium in the background, as well as the flying C and the school’s colors showcased everywhere. Only thing to nitpick on is why Bono felt the need to wear a watch on this particular day. Counting down the days before the Chippewas beat Northern Illinois again?

#2 Toledo

Toledo Media Guide
Toledo Athletics

This is a case of a 1a and 1b as the Rockets’ media guide hits just about the same notes as CMU’s did. They missed an opportunity to showcase new head coach Jason Candle, but I can respect a program that wants to promote its players.

#3 Ball State

Ball State Media Guide
Ball State Athletics

GET HYPED FOR BALL STATE FOOTBALL, SEAN WIGGINS! Aside from that bit of greatness, the template looks like it was put together in five minutes, with the diving cardinal being put on there at the last second. And what’s the deal with the watches on these coaches? YOU ALL HAVE PHONES, USE THEM.

#4 Akron

Akron Media Guide
Akron Athletics

Similar to Toledo’s media guide, but has some issues with it. Spacing is really weird with the players as you really can’t see Tommy Woodson’s arms at all, and the top of the quarterbacks helmet covers a part of Akron’s logo on the template. I do like how the players are each wearing different uniforms, however.

#5 Eastern Michigan

EMU Media Guide
EMU Athletics

Solid work by the Eagles here. Nothing that really stands out, except for the names being Photoshopped off the back of the jerseys, which is really curious. Did the players ask to be anonymous?

#6 Buffalo

Buffalo Media Guide
Buffalo Athletics

It looks like our friends in Buffalo found the El Generico template in Photoshop for their media guide. I never realized Smoke from Mortal Kombat played for UB. What a pickup!

#7 Ohio

Ohio Media Guide
Ohio Athletics

In this media guide apparently directed by Michael Bay, I’m docking the Bobcats for trying to include information when you have pyrotechnics on the same page. Never downplay pyrotechnics (unless you’re Jason Pierre-Paul).

#8 Northern Illinois

NIU Media Guide
NIU Athletics

This media guide, much like the football team, makes an efficient use of space by making sure that the photo NIU used doesn’t distract from everything else on the page. Other than that, not a lot going on here.

#9 Western Michigan

WMU Media Guide
WMU Athletics

Similar to Ohio and NIU’s, but the media guide for the Broncos is certainly not elite with all the clutter at the top of the page with P.J. Fleck commanding a third of the page while the players are barely featured. But WMU could have put worse photos in the media guide and didn’t, so we’re grateful for that.

#10 Kent State

Kent State Media Guide
Kent State Athletics

The tradition of Don Treadwell making everything in your program awful continues with this bland media guide cover. There’s apparently no names for these players, and the template looks like something you’d get if you had a Microsoft Word free trial.

Not Mentioned: Bowling Green and Miami

The Falcons and the RedHawks didn’t bother to make an elaborate cover for their media guides, electing instead to just have stat sheets at Media Day. So much for the Cradle of Marketers.