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HBDD: CMU run game, OSU transfers, coach social media

All the sporting news and notes you may have missed

USA v Sweden Quarterfinal: Women's Football - Olympics: Day 7 Photo by Celso Junior/Getty Images

Remember that time that the US Women’s Soccer team was defeated by Sweden and missed out on a medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics? Remember when Hope Solo took to Twitter and voiced her discontent on the performance of the victors and how the better team didn’t win? Remember how the sports world universally panned her and acted like how you react to a win or loss on the good/bad dichotomy spectrum defined your character? I do, because it was yesterday.

For me, that whole line of thinking is ridiculous and predicated on a completely bunk definition of sportsmanship. Somewhere in society, the definition of sportsmanship has transitioned from not cheating to win to making the opponent feel good about themselves no matter the outcome. It’s the same sort of rationale that everyone deserves a trophy, we shouldn’t keep score, and the simple act of competing is good enough. ARE WE GOING CRAZY?!?

Don’t cheat in advance of the contest, don’t play dirty within it, and shake hands after and you’ve cleared the bar. Saying mean things on Twitter doesn’t make you a poor sport. It might make you a jerk. It might make you less popular. Heck, it might make you a candidate for President.

It bothers me when people confuse competitiveness and an understanding of reality with “being a bad sport”. Is anyone going to make the case that she was wrong? Was America not the better team? Did Sweden not play a very passive game? They are in essence, facts. Facts that make today’s PC warriors furious and hand wringers, but facts all the same.

On to today’s news and notes...

CMU run game a hot topic at media day | CMUChippewas
Some (myself included) would argue that CMU’s success is predicated on Cooper Rush having another great year. What makes that more likely? A serviceable (at minimum) rushing attack from the Chips. Look back through your great MAC teams and you’ll find a good passing attack, but almost every one also has a standout rush as well. That balance keeps defenses off balance and ultimately makes the offense more successful. It’s vital in 2016 for CMU.

Ohio State transfer Warren Ball likely to start for Akron | Akron Beacon Journal
It’s not a secret that Terry Bowden has built the buzz for Akron through capitalizing on transfers from major programs. Perhaps the most important one is Buckeyes transfer Warren Ball, who is likely RB1 for the Zips in the fall.

Coaches debating how often to retweet | Salt Lake Tribune
With the new rule changes addressing social media and the recruit interaction, coaches have had to adapt how, when, and where they reach out to their prize ‘croots the world over. Small piece of information: the rule change? Proposed by the Mid-American Conference.

Can UMass survive as an FBS independent | The Herald
Remember our northeastern brothers? No, not Buffalo. They’re still here. I’m referring to UMass, the most recent departure from our little MACtion corner of the world. This is a great piece on the hard life of UMass, from scheduling to post season opportunities. It’s ok to feel a little bad for them.

Three Kent State golfers to compete in US Amateur | Akron Beacon Journal
The US Amateur is probably the premier tourney for yet-to-be-professional players and it starts Monday with a heavy dose of MACtion at Oakland Hills Country Club in Michigan. On the line? Aside from a championship, a berth to the Masters, the US Open, and the British Open. So you know, kind of a big deal.