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HBDD: The King wants some MAC news and notes

Elvis was the MACtion of music back in his day

Elvis and Nixon Photo by National Archives

For the readers of this blog of the younger set, you may have no grasp on the sheer force of nature that Elvis Presley was. In some respects, I don’t either. Elvis died (on this day, hence his importance to this edition of the Daily Dump) 39 years ago, but even today, if you ask someone in their mid-40s, they’ll be able to tell you where they were when they heard the news that Elvis had left the building of life. Go ahead, ask. I’ll wait.



See? Told you so. Next time, just take my word for it. In all seriousness, though, there are few people in history who can say they had the kind of impact on the world that Elvis did. Culture, music, and entertainment write the story of the time, and for the generation that grew up when Elvis was popular, he was the biggest author around.

Older people hated him and thought he was obscene. Young people loved him and wanted to be him or be with him. It was the first of many dividing lines that would creep up between the young whippersnappers and the angry fist shaking old folks who believed that the culture and thus their way of life was under attack.

It was truly a watershed time and launched the first salvo in the “obscene” debate over a pair of swinging hips. Just think, now we have people showing nipples at the Super Bowl and just a short while ago parents blocked their children’s eyes from Elvis’ hips. As Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changin’.

On to the news and notes...

Akron’s Clayton Murphy takes home the bronze |
A lesser sportswriter/blogger would make a Zip joke, like “Murphy Zips to Bronze” or something like that. But we are so much better than that here at the Belt. Hat tip to Paul Myerberg, who tweeted that the MAC now has more medals than Austria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chile, Finland, India and Mexico, among others. I would imagine being a medal winner on a college campus makes you a pretty popular fellow.

How Ball State scored that Olympics shout out | TheStarPress
Speaking of the Olympics, in case you haven’t been watching the women’s volleyball coverage amidst all the swimming and running and such, Ball State (and later NIU) got themselves a national shout out. Read here about the how behind it.

CMU’s Cooper Rush named to Manning watch list | CMUChippewas
Watch lists this time a year are a dime a dozen, but it’s nice to see more MACtion on the list of 30 QBs. Rush joins Zach Terrell from Western Michigan as a potential award winner.

Service Academies have amazing helmets | SBNation
Some of the best things about the MAC is our threads and UniSwag. These service academy designs blow them out of the water. Or the air. Get it? Because they are part of the military! I’ll just go ahead and show myself out...