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The GoDaddy Bowl Permanently Redirected

Dollar General takes over title sponsorship

GoDaddy Bowl - Bowling Green v Georgia Southern Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Every Mid-American Conference football program has postseason play as their end goal for every summer camp. Schools the conference over are going to have to do some editing on their locker room goals as one of the MAC-affiliated bowls has changed title sponsorship. The GoDaddy Bowl, the December bowl in Mobile, AL has went through various names over the years, unnamed in its inaugural contest, the GMAC Bowl for ten years thereafter, and the GoDaddy Bowl for the last six. Beginning in December 2016, though, a new bowl sheriff rolls into town, a sheriff committed to bringing you brand name items at bargain basement prices. Say hello to the Dollar General Bowl!

The announcement caught most people by surprise on the Twitter machines earlier today:

For now, the tie in will remain the same, as the end of year bowlgasm between the Sun Belt and the Mid-American Conference where truly anything is possible. 140 point combined score? Yeah, I could see that. Bunch of turnovers and a defensive struggle? Plausible. A rain storm that costs your 2008 Ball State Cardinals the program’s first bowl victory? Yes. That is possible, as well, and I would appreciate it if you would never bring it up again.

So, on a weird day in the MAC, filled with injuries, recruiting battles, and the introduction of the Hustle Belt (Jeremy) Guy Factor, we have changed a bowl sponsor 4 months out, and I for one welcome our new price conscious overlords.