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Eric Fisher’s New Contract Pulls Him Equal with Eastern Michigan

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In case you missed your NFL offseason goings on over the last week, your favorite MACtion #1 draft pick, Central Michigan alum Eric Fisher, just signed a healthy new contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. Fisher’s contract is for a robust $63 million over 6 years, which is not blogger good, but pretty serviceable.

For most of us that’s an amount that is simply unfathomable. If the average person works from the time they are 22 until they hit the sweet social security pot at 62, that’s 40 years to earn. If you just look at Fisher’s guaranteed money ($40M), that’s a million per year for the common guy or gal over the course of their entire working life. And Fisher earned it in a shorter amount of time than The Shield was on the air.

That $63M could do some damage in the rust belt, folks. For example:

  1. He could buy the most expensive home in his college town (listed at $799k) 78 times. It’s got five beds and eight baths, an intercom, and a wet bar. Elite Mt. Pleasant living, y’all.
  2. He could have dinner with Donal Trump (at a cool $25,000 per) 2,520 times. That’s a lot of dinners and a lot of conversations that I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind observing.
  3. Fisher could scarf down 15,750,000 Wendy’s 4-for-4 lunch meals. Assuming he doesn’t plan on living 43,150 more years he’s going to need to either invite some friends along and pay the tab for all of them or eat there more than once per day.
  4. There was a story floating around about Antonio Brown and Brandon Marshall betting a Rolls Royce last week. Fisher could buy 123 of the top of the line Rolls Royce Phantoms. So consider that when you feel like that bet is something to be concerned with.
  5. He could basically double the worth of Eastern Michigan. EMU’s most recent endowment was reported at $67M. If I’m Fisher, I’m scraping together the extra $4M and naming everything in sight after me or CMU. “Welcome to CMU field at Eric Fisher Stadium on the campus of Eastern Michigan University”. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN WITH THE QUICKNESS.

All jokes aside, the importance of Fisher’s new contract and the absolutely bananas amount of stupid money it entails is phenomenal for the Mid-American Conference. It gives coaches in the conference the opportunity to recruit (more so than before) on the fact that NFL stardom and the money that goes along with it, is definitely possible for a MAC athlete. Nice job, Eric. And Hustle Belt will be happy to take some of those 4-for-4s off your plate for you. We’re team players.