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HBDD: The Last Football-less Sunday Edition

EMU rumors, MAC Olympic success, Quake to the NFL

Wrestling - Olympics: Day 15 Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Is there a better day than Sunday? Saturday is close what with college football and all, but I’m still tired from the work week and a great Friday night (in an ideal situation) plus this Belt isn’t going to Hustle itself. Monday is the worst and Tuesday isn’t much better. Wednesday starts the slide to the weekend, and by Thursday and Friday you’re just going through the motions. It’s ok to admit it, we all do it. But then there’s Sunday.

Good old Sunday is an all-timer, man. Maybe you’re a church person. Sunday’s a good day for that, unless you’re like me and the Catholic Saturday early evening efficiency service is more your speed. Not a church goer? There’s Sunday brunch. If you’re a political person there’s the Sunday morning talk shows. Like television? Sunday night HBO is where you can see The Rock put on his sports agent hat. There’s final rounds of golf in the spring and summer, NASCAR, NFL in the fall, and once college football season gets going there’s catching up on the late night Pac 12 After Dark shenanigans. Top all that off with being refreshed from a day off on Saturday. Man, Sunday is the best.

That last qualifier above is right around the corner friends. In fact, you may not know it, but we are 5 days away from the first college football contest of the new season: an August 26 late-night hook up between Hawaii and Cal. And then the real fun starts, on a 15-week roller coaster to the holidays and the bowls. Then we get a whole bunch of Sundays to get our church on, brunch our hearts out, lay around, and YAY SPORTS! until its time to get ready for Monday morning. I hope you’re ready for it, Sunday, because Lord knows I am.

On to the news and notes...

Eastern Michigan football and recruiting amidst the rumor mill | Detroit Free Press
Fascinating read about how EMU football and coach Chris Creighton have had to deal with the fallout of the students and faculty recommending a drop from FBS football in the spring semester in recruiting the next crop of Eagles. EMU was always a challenging job for a whole host of reasons. This made it more so.

5 things we learned about Ball State in fall camp | The Star Press
Fan Jam and the planned scrimmage were both canceled because of pending weather, which makes the upcoming season and what the Cards will roll out a true mystery. I like mysteries. Like whether that’s an ingrown hair or something a bit more permanent from that weekend in Cabo.

J’Den Cox wins Olympic Bronze | Rock M Nation
So stick with me here: Missouri is an SEC school, but competes in the MAC for wrestling. One of their wrestlers, J’Den Cox, took home a bronze medal in the 86kg (stupid metric system...) division. Vis a vis, there was more MACtion on an international stage. You’re welcome, world.

Western Michigan basketball heading overseas | MLive
Four games, ten days, and traveling throughout Europe seems like not a terrible way to start your fall semester. Can someone tell me again how student athletes are on the receiving end of a crappy deal by playing college sports?

Cleveland Browns sign Jahwan Edwards | Dawgs By Nature
Another MAC alum, from Ball State, finds his way to an NFL roster. Browns experts think it’s a longshot for “Quake” to see the field, but a member of the practice squad is still a good way to keep coming to the football complex and getting paid to do it.