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2016 Top MAC Players Countdown: An Introduction

Why would we rank the best MAC Players? Because we can!

NCAA Football: Boca Raton Bowl-Toledo vs Temple
Will last year’s #1, Kareem Hunt, repeat at the top spot?
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t noticed, we are roughly a week away from the first MACtion of the 2016 season. Sure, football officially starts this Friday with the Thunder Down Under of Cal and Hawaii in Australia, but most eyeballs that gaze longingly on the MAC will be focused on the Thursday September 3 matchup between Presbyterian and Central Michigan as the real jump off for the 2016 version of the sport we all love.

For players, that means wrapping up fall camp, moving into their residence halls, and getting themselves ready to rock for the season. For fans, it means cleaning up your grills, dusting off your cornhole boards, and finding that lucky coozie to keep your beverage of choice just cold enough to guzzle without regret or regard to your dignity.

And it wouldn’t be preseason here at Hustle Belt without the traditional countdown of our conference’s best and brightest. Other places will give you All-American lists, trophy watch lists, or some other metric of success. But do those people love MACtion? Do those people LIVE MACtion? Do those people MACtion for MACtion’s regard? No. No, they do not.

Instead, your friendly neighborhood bloggers here at Hustle Belt will be counting down our conference’s Top 25 players for the 2016 season. The best thing is it’s a completely democratic process, where each of our staff members got their say and their votes. Some may have looked at contributions so far, others with an eye on the future. Still others may have evaluated based on success possible at the next level. It’s a solid ranking of a veritable who’s who of MACtion. I would know. I’ve seen the list.

Work on your own lists, as there will be time at the end to submit your own versions. It won’t be as good as ours, but you can try. And trying is sometimes good enough. On to the countdownn!