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HBDD: From BG to Bama, EMU spending, the best preview around

Catch up on the news and notes you may have missed

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The Today Show Gallery of Olympians Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

You know what the best thing about this week is? It’s not the college football season pending. It’s that the Olympics are over and we can go back to our daily mundane lives and stop caring about who peed on the side of a gas station half the world away. Of course, we shouldn’t have cared in the first place because in the grand scheme of sports, this Ryan Lochte fiasco wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t a minor deal, it wasn’t a deal at all. Or at least, it shouldn’t have been.

Here’s another great example when the general populace is led down a path of angry mob mentality just for the sake of hearing their own voice by a 24-hour-cycle driven news group. Go watch Matt Lauer and Al Roker give Ryan Lochte the business over this. I hope the view from their high horse is free of humidity and Zika-infested Brazilian mosquitos. Oh, but let’s not talk about that either.

Dare I admit that Jason Whitlock is one of the only people who had the stones to call a non-story a non-story and stop the caterwauling and bemoaning of a lack of integrity? Oh, I do dare.

Let’s be honest, this story and the general narrative that followed was all about protecting the brand of the Olympics and the host country that the IOC decided to award the games to. God forbid we bring any shame to a process that is already laden with more bribery, doping, infrastructure mismanagement, and general half-assery than I believed was humanly possible. But piss on a gas station? HOW DARE YOU, YOU SILVER-HAIRED PROBLEM CHILD. GO TO YOUR ROOM AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. Spare me.

Lochte, who has always been sort of the red headed stepchild in USA swimming in comparison to the Golden Boy with the DUIs and bong rips, now has lost sponsorships, been dragged through the mud, and had to listen to buffoon talking heads offer their opinion that his lifestyle is just too damaging for our country. He’s a better man than me, as I’d have to start firing back. Pointing out that Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House (not even making that up, it’s true) would be a fabulous place to start. I’m pretty sure if Joe Biden then pulled out a 9mm, Roker wouldn’t be able to keep his facts straight either. God, the media is the worst.

On to the news and notes....

Athletics spending remains a big concern at EMU | MLive
At some point the EMU budget and the hand wringing over the expenditures to remain an FBS member is going to venture into dead horse assault territory if we aren’t already there. But, until that time comes, there are enough vocal opponents to EMU investing in athletics that it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Dieter fitting in with Tide receivers | Dothan Eagle
It’s not everyday that there is a MAC wide receiver talented enough and with eligibility remaining to be able to take advantage of the NCAA’s graduate transfer policy, but Bowling Green alum Gehrig Dieter has done just that and found himself thrust into the College Football Playoff Hunt as a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Talk about your different experiences...

Buffalo takes step toward new fieldhouse |
There are two schools in the MAC that do not have an indoor practice facility, and this could cut it down to one. If the Bulls are able to secure the funding (and it’s a good probability that they do), then only Ball State will remain as the program who is dead last in the facilities arms race in so much as practice facilities are concerned.

Jerry Kill a fan of Matt Campbell | Des Moines Register
MAC coaching alums share a special bond and Jerry Kill is in a unique position to offer perspective on Matt Campbell’s transition to Iowa State. It’s also a good reminder that sometimes life just isn’t fair, as Kill remains a “football guy” that through no fault of his own can’t coach the game he loves.

The country’s best 2016 college football preview magazine | SBNation
We’re a week away and if you don’t know everything there is to know about college football, then you best get on that. From conference rankings to rooting interests, this should be your one stop shop for info on the 2016 season. They say you get the kind of preview you deserve. Frankly, you don’t deserve a preview this good, but you get it anyway.