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Ball State Unveils New Helmets [VIDEO]

The helmet arms race continues

Ball State Sports

Let it not be said that Ball State has done their level best to increase their swag situation with some recent uniform additions. There was the camouflage Cardinal last year, the addition of alternate helmets and jerseys over the last several years, and now this latest addition, a new red helmet.

[VIDEO] Ball State football debuted some new helmets do you think the Cardinals will look in all red this season? Needless to say, the team went a little nuts when they saw the reveal. #ChripChirp Let us know what you think!

Được đăng bởi Ball State Sports 24 Tháng 8 2016

Oh my. Believe me when I tell you that helmets and uniforms matter. As a traditionalist, I’m not wild about the “Ball State” on one side instead of the Cardinal logo, but the red does sort of make up for it.

As mentioned there’s a couple different variations like a red mask or black mask and I might be crazy but that black mask red helmet look is going to look sharp as hell. In the arms race of equipment and gear it’s good to see MAC institutions fire off their shots.