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Two Western Michigan Players Arrested, Then Suspended

Your weekend is hopefully off to a better start

Western Michigan v Georgia Southern Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

This is not the news that Western Michigan fans, staff, or students wanted to wake up to this morning...

Well, that’s not ideal. Also, it’s “residence hall”, not dorm, but I guess that’s not really the issue. Not that athletic prowess matters at all, but of the two involved, Ronald George is the considerably bigger deal. A linebacker in the 2016 recruiting class from Pittsburgh, George had actually flipped his commitment from Toledo to WMU. White, also a freshman, did not figure to be a significant contributor.

The two players have also already been scrubbed from the WMU football roster online. Nothing happens that quickly unless it’s a big deal. At first glance, this is apparently that.

Western Michigan’s official release on the matter:

The Western Michigan football program and head coach P.J. Fleck have released a statement in response to the arrests of freshmen Bryson White and Ron George off campus in Kalamazoo early Saturday morning.

“Having heard this news early this morning, I took action to immediately suspend both freshman players indefinitely. We expect to learn more about these allegations today. I'm extremely disappointed and want to assure the community that this kind of conduct is unacceptable and does not represent the values of this team or this university.”

“All student-athletes will be held accountable to all University student code, Athletic-student athlete and Football code of conduct standards. Violations of these standards can lead to dismissal from the team and University.”

Western Michigan will make no further comment about the matter at this time.

So, happy Saturday to Western fans, but kudos to the WMU athletic staff and PJ Fleck for reacting swiftly and pretty solidly to something that (if true) is not a good thing at all.