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Coach Bono delivers wins and pizzas to CMU

Nothing goes better with a top 25 upset than pizza, baby!

Presbyterian v Central Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Every season there’s a whole host of feel good stories about college football and the colorful characters that make it up. This season, one of the nice surprises of the Mid-American Conference football season is the Central Michigan Chippewas, led by head coach John Bonamego.

Sure, the headlines and pizzaz from the MAC head coaching realm are coming from down the road in Kalamazoo, but Coach Bonamego is quietly building a winner in Mt. Pleasant that is contending this year for the MAC West, a certainly shorter timeframe than even the most ardent Chippewa supporters thought possible.

But this week, Coach Bonamego demonstrated he is about more then X’s and O’s and understands that being a coach in the MAC, especially at your alma mater, means doing your best carnival barker job also, ensuring that students and staff are aware that good football things are happening on campus. And as anyone can tell you, the best way to get college kids to anything is with pizza.

I can’t tell you how many coaches that I have worked with in my “real profession” wouldn’t have been willing to do that, alma mater or not. It’s nice to see that even after a win over a Top 25 program and being THE STORY last weekend after upsetting Central Michigan, Coach Bono is still about the students and building the Chippewa brand. Kudos all around.

No word on if Oklahoma State protested the delivery. I’m sure they did. They’re the worst.