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The shirt that every Central Michigan Chippewas fan needs

Celebrate the Oklahoma State win in style

If you are a Central Michigan fan, odds are you have lived it up the past week. As a fan of the Mid-American Conference, times to celebrate gigantic wins on the gridiron are few and far between. But not this week.

The story of the season, as young as it is, is Central Michigan’s upset over Oklahoma State. Been hiding under a rock? The Chips roll into Stilwater, and roll out with a W. But like all things in life it’s never that simple. The officials botched a call, CMU got an extra play, that extra play ended up being a Hail Mary lateral touchdown, official got suspended, OSU fans got mad on the internet, and demanded CMU forfeit. Coach Bono fired up a victory cigar, delivered a pizza to the CMU dorm, and it was a good week to be a Chips fan.

All in all, one of the craziest weeks to be a MAC fan and a CMU fan, and a watershed moment such as that deserves some stylin’ and profilin’ new threads. Be the envy of your tailgate, make a CMU fan’s day, or be able to troll the rest of the MAC who doesn’t have a Top 25 Big 12 tombstone to their credit.

You can pick up the above beauty right here. I’d recommend picking up several. They make excellent gifts. Especially for an Oklahoma State fan.