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Five Takeaways from Eastern Michigan at Charlotte

Maybe things are getting better

Linebacker Kyle Rachwal Chases the Runner
Kenneth Bailey

So when I did my preview of the Eastern Michigan versus Charlotte game, I saw two fairly evenly matched teams. So I figured that it would be a close but high scoring game. I guess I didn’t figure on the fact that perhaps the Eastern Michigan defense has improved over last year. So here are my five takeaways from the game.

Eastern Michigan’s Defense is forcing some turnovers.

So far this year, Eastern Michigan has caused 7 turnovers. Over the course of three games they’ve caused five fumbles and they had two interceptions in the game against Charlotte. They are only three games into the season, and they are over halfway to last year’s total. I would like to see this trend continue.

That Defense is Showing Improvement

So far, even including the blow out in Missouri, Eastern Michigan has held their opponents to 31 points. Last year their average was 42 points. Again, I hope that this trend continues. As the old adage goes, championships start with defense. It’s always nice to have a team that can put lots of points on the board. It’s even better if your team can stop other teams from doing the same.

Eastern Michigan has a kicking game

Paul Fricano during a kicking attempt.
Kenneth Bailey

So far Paul Fricano is 4-6 on field goals and he is 15 for 15 on point afters. He has a better percentage than last year on field goals but the season is young. Still, kicking is a pretty important aspect of the game. It helps a team from being forced to go for it on fourth down if they are close.

There May Be a Quarterback Controversy

Quarterback Todd Porter setting up a pass.
Kenneth Bailey

The season is still young but Quarterback Todd Porter is looking pretty good. He stepped in at the beginning of the season due to the two game suspension of Brogan Roback. Both quarterbacks are similar in their stats but I think Porter may be a little bit better. Still I would like to see Creighton play both in a game. If I had one knock on Porter, it’s that he’s thrown a pick in each game. If he can stop that trend, good things will happen in the MAC.

The season is still young

I don’t think we are ready to see Eastern Michigan run away just yet
Kenneth Bailey

There have only been three games. One against an opponent that Eastern Michigan overmatched, another where Eastern Michigan was overmatched and one where Eastern Michigan was roughly equal. It was nice to see Eastern Michigan beat an opponent where they were theoretically equal. I’m not ready to get entirely excited until I see MAC play but I can be happy for now. The season is young but I do like what I am seeing.