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James Jimenez named Hustle Belt Assistant Site Manager

Because a good #2 makes a site #1

It’s been several months of steady transition here at your neighborhood Mid-American Conference virtual home. We’ve watched Alex transition out of his management role and yours truly step in and try to make a go of some new things. The one thing that we’ve always tried to do here is provide the go to site for Mid-American Conference news and notes.

I’ve learned since coming on that that’s quite a feat and one that is challenging for one MACbro when handling twelve member institutions. So, it gives me great pride to announce that James H. Jimenez, one of our Hustle Belt family members, is stepping up to a bit of a different role here at HB, as the new Assistant Site Manager.

James brings a wealth of experience and passion to the position and is already made tremendous strides in our multi-media and social media footprint. That will continue. You can also find James helping to ensure the site meets our goals of providing exemplary coverage to all of our institutions and stories, and helping our writing staff do just that. The only knock? He’s a big CMU fan, but I guess we can’t all be perfect.

Aside from James’ new role, we’ve also got some new voices joining the writer’s ranks here over the. So be on the lookout for those guys and give them the usual warm welcome. Hashtag MACtion.

(Side note: James can be followed on Twitter @AVKingJames for all the CMU hot takes and terrible puns you never knew you needed.)