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MAC Gems: What the hell did we just find?

Seriously, tell me what the last item is.

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Well, MAC superfans I’m pleased with myself this week. A good week, not a great week, but some interesting items. Please make sure you get to the bottom of the article, because I found some vintage MAC swag that begs for an explanation. Hit me with it. You work hard, buy yourself something nice. Your September 23rd MAC Gems:

Central Michigan Chippewas Game Used Softball Jersey

We include a lot of game used jerseys in MAC Gems, but never before have we featured a softball uniform, and get this, there’s two. One is large, one is extra large, and they just hit eBay yesterday. It’s the perfect game day apparel for the female Chips fan in your life, and it’s a smoking deal. 33 bucks and it’s yours, but the seller will hear offers. So take a shot at $25.

Northern Illinois Huskies Beer Tap Handle

I’m sure if you’re a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, they have these available at every retail location throughout the South. This however, friends, this is a labor of love. Handmade and perfect the NIU diehard or Jordan Lynch enthusiast, this can be in your man cave for a thirty dollar bill.

Akron Zips Vintage Jacket

This is badass. That’s really all I’ve got. I love vintage stuff like this, and if I came across a similar product in Ball State form, I’d buy the hell out of it. I DON’T CARE WHAT MY WIFE SAYS. If you’re like-minded and you’re an Akron fan, scoop this up. 35 bucks plus shipping and it’s yours.

Toledo Rockets Vintage Softball Jacket

I’m sorry, I just have to include another one. Toledo Softball? How cool is that? I mean it’s probably not going to fit my fat ass, but maybe you could wear it. Lots of pure, vintage goodness here for real Rockets fan. End the bidding now for $32, or make an offer. Try and get it for $20. I’ll be awfully proud of you.

Bowling Green Falcons Vintage Basketball Sweater

And now we’ve taken vintage goodness to an unprecedented level. I have so many questions. Mostly, when? Also, why? Also, I guess, where? Please tell me the who as well.

This is a vintage Bowling Green Falcons basketball sweater. Which is likely the first and last time I will ever type that sentence. Is this something the team wore at one time? Is it something fans wore at one time? WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS THING? Undeniably it is a must have for the true BGSU hoops fan. For a piece like this I think the price is fantastic. 40 bucks, but the seller will hear offers. So buy, and then please tell me exactly what I’m looking at.