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Week 4 MACtion Bet-kakke

Much better week 3 but the streak continues

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last week we changed up the post format and the mojo and had a significantly better week than the abysmal weeks of 1 and 2. We still aren’t where we want to be, and frankly, I’m getting pretty tired of it. This week we build on positive momentum and get ourselves way back in the green.

In order to not break a semi-good string, we forgo the lessons this week but I will share one nugget of information. Week 4 is when things get exponentially harder from a wagering perspective. Vegas has tangible results and can look back on real world examples to set lines that make it far more accurate for them and far less likely to be abused by degenerates like you and me. Given our track record so far this season maybe that’s a good thing. We progress undaunted, though.

Week 3 Results:

Charlotte (+3) LOSS
Western Michigan (-2.5) WIN
Toledo (-20.5) WIN
Northern Illinois (+11) LOSS
Western Kentucky (-17) LOSS
Ohio (+27) WIN
Marshall (-17.5) LOSS
Buffalo (+12) LOSS

The following stats assume a $110 bet for each wager against the spread and a $100 wager for each moneyline bet. Winning initial bets not figured into ledger totals, only losing initial bets and profits. Example: two bets placed, one win (+$100 profit), one loss (-$110 initial bet) for a weekly ledger of -$10)

Week 4 ATS: 4-6
Season ATS: 6-16
Season Moneyline: 2-0
Week 4 Ledger: -$260
Season Income: -$800

Good God... that’s some hot burn your tits garbage right there. RALLY TIME, MOTHERTRUCKERS.

Week 4 MACtion Lines

Wyoming (-4) @ Eastern Michigan
Ball State (-3.5) @ Florida Atlantic
Kent State @ Alabama (-44)
Central Michigan (-3) @ Virginia
Appalachian State (-5.5) @ Akron
Georgia Southern @ Western Michigan (-7)
Miami @ Cincinnati (-17.5)
Army (-14) @ Buffalo
Bowling Green @ Memphis (-17)

Fearless Leader’s Hustle Belt Week 4 Bet-kakke Picks:

Eastern Michigan (+4)
Florida Atlantic (Moneyline +142)
Alabama (-44)
Central Michigan (-3)
Akron (+5.5)
Western Michigan (-7)
Cincinnati (-17.5)
Army (-14)
Memphis (-17)

We’ve seen the season go from worse to bad, but this is the week we make the jump. And the fact that it’s going to be the hardest week of the season to pick most likely only proves that we’re crazy like a fox. As usual, don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose. And as always, always be closing.

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