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2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 5


Pick'em Logo Brandon Fitzsimons

Rough week for me. I only put one point on the WMU game (which was the Game of the Week. . . again), and NIU lost. Oh well. Your winner last week with 65 points is RocketBrock23.

Full scores here

OK, one quick thing before we get into this week’s picks. With the turn of the calendar to October, we begin MAC play! This is important to note because those games are worth 2 points each! So with 7 games this week (two non-conference games), and a MAC game worth 2 points, you can score a season high 28 points on a single game, should it be the Game of the Week!

Let’s get to it!

Toledo @ BYU - Tough call here. BYU is 1-3, but their record is deceiving. All four games have been against "Power 5" opponents, and all four games have been decided by 3 points or less. Still, I’m taking the team that had last week off to prepare for the Cougars.

Buffalo @ Boston College - Uhhh..........who’s worse? Also, good on Buffalo for finally getting a win. I wouldn’t guess that it’d be Army, but hey, the MAC owns West Point at this point.

Ohio @ Miami (Battle of the Bricks) - True story, I play Matt Hammond in the MAC Fantasy League this week. He has Ohio’s defense. I have Miami’s (and Central’s, but we’ll get to them later). I desperately need a win, so I’m hoping Miami scores on, like, three pick sixes, while Windham throws bombs to Smith allllllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Eastern Michigan @ Bowling Green - One of these teams is 3-1 and has beaten a team that beat NIU. The other is 1-3 with their sole win coming by 1-point against an FCS school. Guess which one is which. Guess again.

Akron @ Kent State (Battle for the Wagon Wheel) - Sorry Kent State fans...

Brandon Fitzsimons

Northern Illinois @ Ball State (Battle for the Bronze Stalk) - The fall from grace for NIU has MUCH harder than initially thought. There’s talks of an 0-fer season (won’t happen), but damn. Ball State wins their second Bronze Stalk Trophy, and their first since 2008 (when the trophy was conceived).

Western Michigan @ Central Michigan (Battle for the Victory Cannon) - Firstly, I TOLD Y’ALL I’D DO IT AND I DID THE DAMN THING

Secondly, I think the Broncos are just too good for Central Michigan (or really, anyone in the MAC not named Toledo) to stop. Their offense finally has signs of not only a solid WR2 option, but also a WR3 option. Jamauri Bogan is a beast. And the Broncos don’t turn the ball over. CMU might be without Jesse Kroll, and that’s all I need to put my 7-er on this one this week.