Downfall: From Cinderella to Bottom Feeder

Obviously, I am referring to NIU Football. Who's to blame? It is simple. Replacing Dave D with Carey was a mistake. Carey, who looked like he would take the team and continue the winning ways has turned into a bust. It took 2.-3 years for the recruiting process to take ahold and now, NIU is faced with a potential winless season. 0-4 with many difficult games ahead in the MAC schedule. But, lets take a closer look.

It is difficult to replace a Jordan Lynch, but a solid recruiting class would have at least produced an average QB at a school that has a winning history over the last few years. No such luck, as NIU has been at the middle to the bottom of recruiting classes in the last few years. Thus meaning the talent has dropped off. Now, lets throw in a coaching staff that has not brought any fresh ideas or play calling to the mix on offense. This years team is predictable to say the least. The stand of taking kids and coaching them up has not worked either.

Yes, there are a lot of injuries, but still that is no excuse. This is a replay of 2007 and if memory serves me correct, the following year Joe Novak (who I love as a coach) retired. The next coach (Kill) took this team that had some talent, but had a ton of injuries and turned them into a solid team. (I loved coach Kill too) Then Dave D, took over and maintained the status quo, not sure if he left the team on a parallel trajectory or not, but he left for NC Sate and we got Carey.

Carey's first game the BCS bid. He did a good job coaching in that game and most of the follow year trying to bust the BCS twice in a row. Only to get blown out in the last 2 games of the year. But, he has not done anything since that season. Talent has dropped off and it appears the team has a lack of spirit. The are getting out coached consistently and the 2016 team is sloppy. Penalties, missed assignments and terrible line play on both sides of the ball. That being said, NIU has the current longest losing streak and who knows if they will win again this year.

It's time for a change. A change in coaches, attitude and a new ideal for NIU. This program was heading in a great path and is now facing the worst streak since the 1990s. I sure hope they fix things quickly, but I do not see Carey as being that answer.

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