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Haiku Wednesday: Week 5

Nothing says “RIVALRY WEEK” like haiku poetry

Buckle up boys and girls, because it’s time for rivalry week in the Mid-American Conference. Between the Bronze Stalk or the Wagon Wheel, there’s trophies up for grabs for your favorite neighborhood MACtion member. The non-conference season, that mixed bag of results for our beloved MAC, is basically in the rearview and it’s nut cuttin’ time in the Rust Belt. What better way to get us going than Humpday Haikus

App State is solid
No real reason to freak out
Still my pick for MAC

Ball State
How ‘bout those Cardinals
Darkhouse for the MAC West crown
Pour it on Northern

Bowling Green
Seventy Seven
My God, twice in one season?
That is most ungood

Win over Army
Erases Albany loss?
Nah, Bulls still garbage

Central Michigan
Blasted on the road
Guess there was no untimed down
May not have helped much

Eastern Michigan
Three wins already
Quite the good season so far
Can they keep it up?

Kent State
Look on the bright side
Bama could have scored ninety
Could have been way worse

Winless through four games
Fear not loyal RedHawk fans
You still have B G.

Northern Illinois
The Leathernecks, eh?
Oh man that’s rough, Huskie fans.
Only up from here?

Bobcats back on track
Big win over Gardner-Webb
So at least there’s that

BYU this week
Can cap a perfect non con
Rockets look solid

Western Michigan
Fleck to Baton Rouge?
Reaux the Beauxt the new normal?
Western fans hope not

Find your zen in the comment section and give us your best Humpday Haiku. 5-7-5, animals. There are rules, here, Smokey.