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5 Things Learned from Eastern Michigan vs Mississippi Valley State

Not quite a yardstick but some sort of measuring device.

Cause to Celebrate
Cause to Celebrate
Kenneth Bailey

It really hard to say that a FBS team can learn anything from beating a FCS team but give the past few seasons, Eastern Michigan has to take what it can get. I'm not quite sure of the exact moment that Eastern Michigan realized it was an M-1 Abrams facing off against a Sherman tank but it was pretty soon. Anyway five things.

Eastern Michigan Vs Mississippi Valley State in Pictures
Not just Shaq Vann
Kenneth Bailey, Hustle Belt

1. Running Backs Look Decent

Shaq Vann ran for 156 yards and Ian Eriksen ran for almost 100 yards. Again, I'm not going to take away too much from this game but it's nice to see decent production from your running game.

2. Todd Porter Looked Tenative

There were times where Quarterback Todd Porter looked good but there were times where he overthrew his receivers. I'm hoping that was due to the fact that he wasn't expected to start. I am hoping that he gets better with more snaps.

3. Defense Looked Solid

The Defense was able to hold Mississippi Valley State to under 100 yards rushing. Given how porous the run defense was last year, that's pretty good. For the most part, the tackling looked pretty solid but don't take that as gospel as I was watching the game through my viewfinder. The defense was able to get 4 sacks and two fumble recoveries. I think the better yardstick will be the Missouri game but I'll take this for now.

4. Rynearson can Rock

The crowd was pretty loud tonight. I'm thinking that Eastern Michigan will probably split their road trip but that will still make them 2-1 when they return to play Wyoming at Rynearson. I'm hoping that means more people will show up at the game.

5. Can't Wait for Next Week

Missouri was 5-7 last year. I'm hoping that Eastern can at least be competitive against them. But we'll see, I guess.