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Week 5 MACtion Bet-kakke

The slow climb back to green is underway

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s been a grind this season and the non-conference schedule was as crazy as ever for the Mid-American Conference, and those two things are directly reflected in our results. We needed a big week last week to pull us back closer to ground zero, and while we got a better week than we’ve been getting we’ve still yet to pull the hill back to where we need to be. If we don’t right the ship this week, each week going forward I’m doing something different. Coin flips, letting my secretary pick, etc.

That’s the thing about sports wagering. Sometimes you go through highs and sometimes you go through lows. That’s the case with gambling in general. Like Mike told us all in Rounders, few can remember the big pots they won, but any gambler can tell you with amazing clarity and recall the big pots they lost. The difference between someone that is good at it versus someone just having fun is how they shake it off and continue.

I’ve been sports wagering for years and have turned a profit every year. Unlike this column though, I don’t bet every single line in the conference. I have my cardinal rules (never bet on BSU, don’t bet road MAC favorites, etc.) that I use for my actual betting, but this column changes all that a bit. If there’s 12 MAC games, I make a pick on all of them. Keep that in mind.

Week 4 Results

Eastern Michigan (+4) WIN
Florida Atlantic (Moneyline +142) LOSS
Alabama (-44) WIN
Central Michigan (-3) LOSS
Akron (+5.5) LOSS
Western Michigan (-7) WIN
Cincinnati (-17.5) LOSS
Army (-14) LOSS
Memphis (-17) WIN

The following stats assume a $110 bet for each wager against the spread and a $100 wager for each moneyline bet. Winning initial bets not figured into ledger totals, only losing initial bets and profits. Example: two bets placed, one win (+$100 profit), one loss (-$110 initial bet) for a weekly ledger of -$10)

Week 4 ATS: 4-4
Season ATS: 10-20
Week 4 Moneyline: 0-1
Season Moneyline: 2-1
Week 4 Ledger: -$140
Season Income: -$940

.500 against the spread won’t make you rich but it will hopefully get our boat rowing in the right direction. It’s been an absolutely brutal non-conference season for us. I have faith though. Now we move onto MAC play, and who knows the MAC better than us? We’ve had bad weeks, we’ve had average weeks. We are due for a hot week, and I have a feeling this one is it.

Week 5 MACtion Lines

Toledo @ BYU (-3.5)
Northern Illinois @ Ball State (-4.5)
Buffalo @ Boston College (-18)
Ohio (-2.5) @ Miami
Eastern Michigan @ Bowling Green (-2.5)
Akron (-7) @ Kent State
Western Michigan (-3.5) @ Central Michigan

Fearless Leader’s Hustle Belt Week 5 Bet-kakke Picks

BYU (-3.5)
Ball State (-4.5)
Boston College (-18)
Ohio (-2.5)
Eastern Michigan (+2.5)
Akron (-7)
Western Michigan (-3.5)

Some intriguing matchups this week and some (BSU, EMU, Ohio) I feel better about than others. That’s the thing about this column and why the numbers are so bad. Even when I think a line is exactly right, I have to make a pick. But it’s what we do here. Per usual, comment section with your picks, and don’t ever risk what you can’t afford to lose. And as always, always be cashing.

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