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Hustle Belt Fantasy League 3.0: Week 1

Kenny Golladay, Jahray Hayes and Thomas Woodson pull off impressive Week 1 performances in the HBFL.

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

About a month ago, eight of our staff writers got together and conducted a fantasy draft of MAC players for the third year in a row.

There have been plenty of dramatic injuries for at least half of the teams involved, but roster moves did help alleviate those worries for at least a couple of our fantasy GM’s.

The first four weeks of the season are usually the most interesting, as MAC teams face peers, betters and lessers alike and often not at the same time. For every EMU-Mississippi Valley, there’s an Ohio State-BGSU.

But, I know you’re not here for explanations and background. Without further ado, here are the scores.

Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy (Justin Coffin) at The Bodacious Bonamegos (James H. Jimenez

Player Pts Position Player Pts
James Knapke 2 QB Thomas Woodson 40
Darian Greene 15 RB Damion Jones-Moore 8
Jordan Huff 4 RB Shaq Vann 27
Corey Davis 7 WR Jesse Kroll 5
Jerome Lane 31 WR Marcus Robinson 2
Zach Crouch 0 TE Ryan Smith 0
Jordan Reid 21 FLEX Jahray Hayes 22
Tom O'Leary 1 K Jameson Vest 6
Buffalo 2 D/ST Akron 2

Justin’s performer of the day was Jerome Lane, who had two touchdowns and 196 receiving yards to gather 31 points. Jordan Reid’s 21 points were also pivotal to the KGBS score. However, Justin also relied on James Knapke facing the Ohio State defense (2 pts.,) Tom O’Leary (missed PAT, blocked PAT, missed field goal) and the Buffalo defense that lost to UAlbany.

James was lucky enough to have Thomas Woodson (403 yards and six touchdowns,) Jahray Hayes (three rushing touchdowns,) and Shaq Vann (156 yards and two touchdowns,) all turn in 20+ point performances to make up for an Akron defense clunker (2 pts. vs. VMI) and no points at all from Ryan Smith, the Miami TE.

The Mangen Dixon Line (Mike Karpinski) at Coppet A Feel (Matt Dizzle)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
Cooper Rush 11 QB Riley Neal 7
Fred Coppett 3 RB Kareem Hunt 15
James Gilbert 28 RB Jordan Johnson 11
LeVante Bellamy 1 WR KeVonn Mabon 6
Ronnie Moore 5 WR Teo Redding 1
Tyler Mangen 0 TE Jordan Fisher 0
Christian Blake 8 FLEX Carrington Thompson 2
Blake Hampton 9 K Brian Eavey 7
Bowling Green -1 D/ST Western Michigan 6

This was the closest game on the docket for our protagonists, and it it was played in real life, it most definitely might not have been watchable.

Lots of single-digit contributors abounded and both quarterbacks (Rush with 11 pts. and Knapke with two pts.,) not doing very well at all.

Karp only got five points out of his starting receivers and Dizzle didn’t fare much better, getting seven. This game was won and lost on the ground, as James Gilbert (160 rushing yds., two touchdowns) had himself a day vs. Georgia State, scoring more points than Kareem Hunt (106 total yards and a touchdown) and Jordan Johnson (114 rushing yards) combined.

Butts. (Alex Alvarado) vs. Corey Davis Based God (Brown and Gold)

Butts. CDBG
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Todd Porter 18 QB Greg Windham 33
Terry Swanson 2 RB Joel Bouagnon 5
Breck Turner 0 RB Devon Spalding 20
Eddie Daugherty 0 WR Kenny Golladay 40
Corey Jones 5 WR Sebastian Smith 3
Michael Roberts 16 TE Mason Schreck 11
Anthony Rice 2 FLEX Jonathan Hawkins 4
Morgan Hagee 6 K Louie Zervos 15
NIU -10 D/ST Central Michigan 35

There’s not really a lot to report here, as can be seen by the final score.

Alex was dependent on an EMU blowout, ahd he was right. However, he only hit on one player (Todd Porter,) as Eddie Daugherty and Breck Turner scored a grand total of zero points.

His other skill position guys struggled as well, with Anthony Rice and Terry Swanson collecting two points apiece. NIU’s defense also scored -10 points, which didn’t help matters at all.

Kenny Golladay (236 total yards, three touchdowns) outscored Team Butts. by himself, while CMU’s defense (35 pts.,) and Greg Windham (417 total yards, four touchdowns) buried Butts.

Missing Danny Braverman (Matt H.) vs. Bang, Bang, Bangity Bang (Kaleb Carter)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
Zach Terrell 16 QB Drew Hare 30
Warren Ball 18 RB AJ Ouellette 4
Jamauri Bogan 16 RB Alonzo Smith 11
JoJo Natson Jr. 26 WR Cody Thompson 22
Rokeem Williams 11 WR Corey Willis 10
Shane Wimann 10 TE Sam Browning 2
Diontae Johnson 0 FLEX Papi White 26
Christian Hagan 0 K Did not start eligible kicker -3
Eastern Michigan 17 D/ST Did not start eligible defense/special teams -3

We’ve got our first penalty points!

Kaleb forgot to start a defense and a kicker, so he was docked six points for not starting eligible players. If he would have started both players, Kaleb would have won the game, as Adam Mitcheson (9 pts.) and the Toledo D/ST (16 pts.) would have given him the points he needed to advance past Matt.

But alas, Matt won the game.

All but one of Matt’s starters had double-digit numbers, with JoJo Natson (90 yards and three touchdowns) being the team leader in points. Warren Ball also had a decent debut for Akron, scoring a touchdown and 122 total yards.

Players of the Week

Kenny Golladay and Thomas Woodson share the honors this week, each scoring 40 points. Go crazy, you guys.

Next week’s matchups

The Bodacious Bonamegos vs. The Mangen Dixon Line

Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy vs. Butts.

Corey Davis Based God vs. Bang, Bang, Bangity Bang

Coppet a Feel vs. Missing Danny Braverman