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Haiku Wednesday: Week 2

MACtion: 17 syllables at a time

Week one closes and we turn our eyes to week two. What better way to celebrate than with Japanese short form poetry. Haiku is a (usually) 17 syllable poem, in 5-7-5 format. Pour yourself a shot of saki and join with us in celebration of the MACtion.

We bring to you the gift of Haiku Wednesday. Drink it in, maaaaan.

Good week one for Zips
Big win over VMI
Week two Wisky? Pain

Ball State
Neu year opened strong
Rivalry this week on road
In Gilbert We Trust

Bowling Green
At least OSU
Finally sat the first team
Could have scored 90

FCS home loss
Go to your room Buffalo
Think on what you did

Central Michigan
Chips great after half
Need full game with OSU
and still not enough

Eastern Michigan
Blowout to start year
Hope springs eternal all over
Settle down everyone

Kent State
Penn State 20 point loss?
Not the worst thing happened there
Perspective people

Iowa has pink
In visiting locker room
And showed on the field

Fans have sane response
Fire Rod Carey Fire
Rod Carey Fire

Texas State huh?
And take a three OT loss?
Way to go Bobcats

Road MAC underdog
High powered offense in play
Take your loss A State

Western Michigan
A road Big Ten win
Makes all of us row the boat
That’s ELITE result

I encourage you to find your inner zen in the comment section with your own Haiku Wednesday. 5-7-5. Follow the rules. Otherwise there would be anarchy and we wouldn’t want that.