EMU will beat a SEC Football Team in 2016

EMU will beat a SEC Football team in 2016? Don’t bet the farm, but the possibility of this happening isn’t too far a stretch of the imagination. The Missouri program is coming off a downtrodden 5-12, 2015 season. This includes a revolt by the student body, including members of the MIZZ Football team calling for the resignation of the University President. As well as HC Gary Pinkel retiring after 15 years at the helm, due to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Enter Barry Odom, a former MIZZ Player, GA, Assistant Coach, Analyst, Ticket Taker, etc... Missouri took a page out of the book of UofM and decided to keep it in the family. One thing they didn’t take into consideration was his college HC experience, which as of last Friday was 0 games. Not a typical SEC hire if you ask me. Anyways, I digress. Back to EMU pulling off an upset in the Show Me State.

EMU is coming off a molly whopping of an underperforming FCS team. One that had the same number of wins as the Eagles did last year, at the FCS level. Probably not the best team to gauge the rest of the season off of. Now on the other hand, Missouri is coming off a loss to a good team in West Virginia. A team that has been to a bowl game 13 of the past 14 seasons. Missouri never had a lead against WVU and only managed to score 1 touchdown. But by god did they run a lot of plays! The Tigers somehow managed to pull off 100 plays with 53 coming by way of air. This number scares me as an EMU fan. Pat O’Connor being back in the lineup definitely gives life back to the Defense, as well as moving to a 4 man front. EMU wasn’t one of the top passing defenses in the nation the past 5 years because they had great coverage. Teams knew they could hand the ball off and run to anywhere on the field they wanted to. Why throw when you can run for over 400 yards a game. MIZZ didn’t exactly burn up the world with their 100 plays, yet managed 4.5 yards a play. (I still don’t get how they only scored 1 touchdown) Anticipate the Eagles secondary getting a workout on Saturday.

If I had to play the "Advantage/Disadvantage" game, I’d do it as follows. I’ll try to do my best and not be a homer on this one.

Defense-Advantage Missouri. EMU hasn’t proven themselves yet. With key pieces back in the Eagles lineup they are better than last year (hopefully) but I still think they will need a year to work out the kinks.

Offense-Advantage Missouri. The Tigers up-tempo style of play and its ability to pull off 100 plays against a good team last week is probably good enough to win the offense category. EMU’s strong run game in both Vann and Eriksen definitely puts them in the ballpark, but the uncertainty at QB is a downfall. Even if Porter plays at the similar level as he did last week, it probably won’t be enough. On the other hand, if Roback plays, he will need to come in and play a clean game if the Eagles want to compete.

Special Teams- EMU. Just trust me…I think? Barnes has the ability to punt the Tigers deep into their territory if needed. The Eagles new FG kicker proved he can kick a point after (I really hope he gets on the field a couple times Saturday). The Eagles were able to put up 140 yards off 3 kick returns between Blake Banham and Austin Sanders last week. I would say that is a bright spot for the special teams unit. Again, not sure if it’s something Eagles fans want to put much weight into knowing who their opponent was last week.

Coaching- EMU. Odom would have been better suited to start out his career at a lower tier school before he got a shot at the SEC. Hopefully Creighton will be able to out coach a Power 5 opponent.

At any rate, catching an "off" MIZZ team doesn’t mean EMU plays close in this one. I believe they will be able to move the ball effectively on the ground and periodically get a few good plays through the air. The defense needs to be ready for the pass and up tempo style of play. Maybe if a few stars align and the Eagles can get a couple quick scores. The Tigers won’t run away with it early and deflate a hopeful Eagles squad

Prediction 42-28 MIZZ

Homer Prediction- 35-32 EAGLES

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