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HB Daily Dump: Khalil Mack’s Raiders might be moving to Sin City and much more!

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Top 15 College Football Games For 2017 (Chat Sports)

The 2017 College Football Playoff debate is sure to run hotblooded again next season, especially after non-conference champion Ohio State got into the semifinal based largely on an early season road win over what proved to be an excellent Oklahoma football time.

Meanwhile, Washington got in the other side of the four-team bracket with a pitiful non-conference schedule. While it remains to be seen how the committee’s decisions will impact teams future scheduling strategies, fans get a dandy to kick off next season when projected preseason #1 ranked Alabama will host the projected #2 ranked Florida State in a week one match-up Sept. 2.

There are only two other non-conference games to make this Top 15 games list. At #4 on the list Ohio State will host the Oklahoma in the second half of their home-and-home on September 9th, and ranked at #11 on the list Texas will go to Los Angeles for a big time test against the are PAC-10’s USC. The other 12 games on the list take place within conference play. Alabama led all schools on the list with four of their games in the top 15.

Low key, we’re looking forward to Western Michigan vs. USC to start the season. Should be interesting to see how new head coach Tim Lester’s first game at the helm goes on the road at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Raiders file Las Vegas relocation paperwork, vote set for March (CBS Sports)

Three NFL teams tried to move to Los Angeles last year, however the NFL agreed to the Rams move only in 2016. This year the Sand Diego Chargers got the approval to move to L.A. as well. Now the Raiders have filed their paperwork with the NFL to move to Las Vegas. The owners will vote on the move in March, needing a three-quarter majority vote for approval.

It’s a shame to watch these teams move away from their fan bases. The interesting aspect is that in the case of the Raiders and Chargers, their team isn’t moving that far. Will Chargers fans make the 2 hour drive up Interstate 5 to watch the Chargers? When the Browns moved to Baltimore they were immediately promised that they would get The Browns back in Cleveland. It seems to me if you are die hard Chargers fan, you can still be die hard Chargers fan. On the other hand, Oakland to Las Vegas is an 8 hour drive. However, you could pick worse places to make a weekend trip out of going to see your favorite NFL team play than Las Vegas.

James Harrison brought down the Chiefs and sacked Father Time (SB Nation)

SB Nation’s own Stephen White goes into an in-depth breakdown of former Kent State star James Harrison’s remarkable play on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Harrison retired in 2014, only to come back and play in 11 games for the Steelers that season. He then put together an amazing season for Pittsburgh this season culminating in his dominant performance during the NFL’s Divisional round. White goes into great detail at how truly spectacular Harrison was on Sunday and how it is even more unbelievable that he is doing it at the age of 38. (THIRTY-EIGHT!!!)

Harrison should tell us where he found the fountain of youth because he literally might be playing better than he did when he was 30 right now.

Harrison revealed in an interview with NFL Network's Andrea Kremer last week, he spends somewhere around $350,000 per year on "body work." When first hearing that statement, one can’t help but pause and think about that for a second. What is he buying with that money that has allowed him to thrive physically at almost 40 years old? Well, it’s not what you would think, here goes: An acupuncturist, dry-needling person, trainer, doctor, natural path doctor, masseuse, masseur, another masseur, physio-chiro masseur and another chiropractor. Nothing Illegal. So if you can invest $350,000 a year on this stuff and play like he is now, extending one’s career and increasing their level of performance, which in turn makes you millions more....? Why isn’t there a line of football players at his locker?

McDonald’s Wants to Woo You With Two New Big Macs (Bloomberg)

McDonald’s will be introducing two new Big Macs! Yes, you read that right.

They are keeping the original, and also announced the addition of the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac. Sounds like a couple of rappers if you ask me.

The new Big Macs are here for a limited time, for now, and will be accompanied by an ad campaign that will play as kind of a throw back to the original Big Mac ads, in order to try and garner interest from millennials.

They are concerned that millennials prefer a healthier, lighter meal, hence the Big Mac Jr., which has only one patty and is missing the middle bun, but is fewer than 460 calories (which, for what its worth, is less than a turkey sandwich from Panera). Doesn’t sound like much of a Mac at all. Work on your game, Ronald.