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2017 Cotton Bowl Game Thread

Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!

MAC Championship - Western Michigan v Ohio Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s a special kind of day around Hustle Belt Manor, folks. Remember all season long when people were dissing the MAC and acting like they were the redheaded stepchild of college football and not worthy of anything other than their midweek freakshow pass attacks in November? Well, the Cotton Bowl is today and there’s an undefeated Mid-American Champion in Western Michigan suiting up to take on the Wisconsin Badgers. So who’s laughing now?

It’s a funny thing about perception. People laughed when they were told by Lin Manuel Miranda that he was working on a rap musical about the founding fathers with a culturally different cast. People mocked John Calipari for embracing the one-and-done philosophy at a blue blood program. Most openly laughed at Western Michigan head coach PJ Fleck for (insert one: boats/oars/RTB/ELITE/juice/etc.). Now, people stab their mother in the side with no remorse for Hamilton tickets, Coach Cal has more Final Fours than the SuperDome, and Fleck is walking into JerryWorld a man on a mission. What a time to be alive!

For some, this is just another mid-day game they’ll watch because football is drawing to a close with little understanding of the moment or the magnitude of it. I’d hate to be those people. For the rest of us, call it whatever you choose: David versus Goliath; Blue blood versus new blood; The little guy against the big guy. Whatever narrative path you choose to travel, it’s big.

Consider the comment section below your pregame and first half open thread to discuss the goings on with fellow fans of football. Live it up, today we are all Broncos.