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MAC WBB Power Rankings: 1/24/17

There were three different teams that received at least 1 first place vote

Scott Walstrom, NIU Creative Services

Most teams had a variance of at least 3 places, which indicates that either teams are really competitive, or we don’t know what we are talking about. Let’s go with the former. 8 of the teams already have 12 wins on the season, and there are 3 teams 6-1 in MAC play, and another two that are 5-2.

Eastern Michigan Eagles #12

Average rank: 11.66 (Highest vote: 11, Lowest vote: 12)

All hope is not lost. The Eagles host Bowling Green next, so they are a winnable game from climbing out of the cellar.

Bowling Green Falcons #11

Average Rank 10.66 (Highest vote: 9, Lowest vote: 12)

It’s hard to win when you only make 33.9% of your shots. The good news is they don’t give up a ton of points, so if their shots start dropping they can start winning games.

Miami RedHawks #10

Average Rank 10.5 (Highest vote: 10, Lowest vote: 12)

The RedHawks are a young team with potential, and 5’3 freshman guard Lauren Dickerson is fun to watch. It hasn’t translated to a lot of wins this season, but that will change as the team matures.

Akron Zips #9

Average Rank 9.16 (Highest vote: 9, Lowest vote 10)

Last week, they shocked the Huskies for their only MAC win. This team is close, they just need to hit a few more shots, and play a little bit better defense. 3 of their next 4 games are against the teams already mentioned, so if they are going to make a move, now would be the time.

Kent State Golden Flashes #8

Average Rank 7.66 (Highest vote 7, Lowest vote 8)

The Golden Flashes have won 4 of their last 5. The loss was by 1 to the Huskies. Their next 5 games are NIU, BGSU, Miami, Buffalo, and EMU. If they beat the 3 they are supposed to, and knock off one of the other two, they will jump, no doubt.

Toledo Rockets #7

Average Rank 7.16 (Highest vote 6, Lowest vote 8)

The Rockets are on a precipice at the moment. After starting 3-1 in MAC play, they have dropped 3 in a row. Up next CMU, Buffalo, Ohio, and WMU. The season can go south in a hurry. If the Rockets can manage to win 3 out of the next 4, they would certainly climb in the rankings.

Buffalo Bulls #6

Average Rank 5.83 (Highest vote 5, Lowest vote 7)

Up until the Bulls knocked off Central Michigan, they would beat the bad teams, and lose to the good ones in MAC play. 4 of their last 11 games are against teams ranked higher. To determine how I view the Bulls from here on out, I am going to be looking at those 4 games much more than the other 7.

Western Michigan Broncos #5

Average Rank 5.16 (Highest vote 4, Lowest vote 6)

The meat of the Broncos schedule is coming up. They only have 2 or 3 gimmes left on the schedule. They certainly have the players to make a run at the top spot, we’ll find out if they do.

Ohio University Bobcats #4

Average Rank 3.5 (Highest vote 2, Lowest vote 4)

At this point in the rankings, it becomes really difficult to rank the teams. Personal preference in play styles starts to become a factor. The Bobcats aren’t the best defense or the best offense, so that’s probably why they are ranked 4th, instead of higher.

Ball State Cardinals #3

Average Rank 2.83 (Highest vote 1, Lowest vote 5)

The votes for the Cardinals were all over the place. Losing 3 of their last 4 going into MAC play was probably the deciding factor on why they aren’t ranked higher. Their remaining schedule is tough games mixed in with very winnable games, so this guy wont be surprised if Ball State makes a run to number 1.

Northern Illinois Huskies #2

Average Rank 2 (Highest vote 1, Lowest vote 3)

If you could overlook their loss to Akron, it would be easy to vote this team number 1. The problem is you can’t. It showed the weakness in a loaded scoring team like the Huskies. If they go cold, then it doesn’t need to be an elite team to knock them off.

Central Michigan Chippewas #1

Average Rank 1.83 (Highest vote 1, Lowest vote 4)

It doesn’t really matter what CMU is ranked at the moment. The rest of their schedule is two winnable games against EMU, and a bunch of games against teams with double digit wins already on the season. If they are deserving of this number 1 ranking, the schedule will certainly sort it out.