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Buffalo Bulls at Akron Zips: Preview, How to Watch, Listen, Stream

Will the real Bulls please stand up

NCAA Basketball: Akron at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bulls have been two different teams this season. There are the good Bulls, that drive to the basket, create open looks and play great defense. Then there are the bad Bulls, who mindlessly chuck up jumpers, lose focus on defense, and play with no sense of urgency.

The Akron Zips have been mowing over opponents to the tune of 17 wins and 3 losses. Lots of teams look impressive during the course of a season. Championship teams improve. Kwan Cheatham Jr. has gone from just another guy to one of the best players in the MAC, over the course of this season. He has become the guy that can do whatever the team needs at the moment. A bucket, a rebound, how about a defensive shutdown? No problem for the new and improved Kwan.

The thing is, as great as Akron is, I am not 100% sold they are the most talented team in the MAC.

Buffalo is loaded with talent. Not just a bunch of athletes, which they have, but basketball players. Their ceiling is so high, there hasn’t been a game of theirs that I have watched where I didn’t yell at my TV screen. If they just sucked, or were too young, I could live with it.

The Miami game is very telling of their season.They were up big, as they should be, early in the first half. They were driving to the basket, creating open jumpers and playing like they should. Then they did a Buffalo. They dribbled down, and took the first shot they could, which was the guy dribbling down chucking up a semi contested three. Miami got a long rebound, raced down(which Miami really isn’t that good at racing) and got a wide open three, which they converted.

Buffalo ended up losing. That should never happen. They should be too good for that, but they are sitting at 9-11 on the season. Maybe it’s a product of winning so many MAC tournament championships that they realize the regular season means nothing. Maybe they just don’t have it this season. I just want to know. Maybe they can show me against Akron on Saturday.

When: Saturday, January 28th, 7:30 PM

Watch: ESPN3 or via stream on the WatchESPN app

Listen: Fox sports 1350 in Akron or via the web

Line: Akron -9