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Eastern Michigan Eagles Vs. Central Michigan Chippewas in Pictures

Coach Murphy leads the Eastern Michigan Eagles to his 100th win as an Eagle
Kenneth Bailey

I’ll have to admit, I haven’t been following Eastern Michigan as closely as I have in past years. Normally by this part of the season, I would have attended more games but they had a weird schedule this year. Out of the six home games scheduled for non-conference matchups, four of them were on weekday afternoons. Since I work, that makes it difficult to attend. One of the games that I could attend was the day of Snowmageddon. I was sick during the one at Detroit. So that meant I’ve only attended one Eastern Michigan game this year.

I did a little bit of research before tonight’s game. Eastern Michigan was 8 and 5 coming into tonight’s MAC opener. They were facing the 10 and 3 Central Michigan team lead by the nation’s leading scorer, Marcus Keene. I was expecting to see a pretty close game.

Instead I got a game where Eastern Michigan pretty much blew Central Michigan out of the water. The Eastern Michigan scoring was led by James Thompson and Baylee Steele who each got 18 points. Both players got double-doubles by getting 10 rebounds each. Central Michigan’s leading scorer was Marcus Keene with 22 points. Eastern Michigan would go on to win 85-63.

Congratulations to Coach Rob Murphy for his 100th win as the Eastern Michigan head coach.