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2016 MAC Pick’em Results Show

The games have been decided. The points have been tallied. Who came out on top?

Pick'em Logo Brandon Fitzsimons

It’s been a fun MAC football season (kinda). We saw Western Michigan obliterate everyone in its path, Ohio return to MAC East power, and NIU fall from its MAC West perch. EMU had a good season, and CMU had a big upset over Oklahoma State by virtue of a referee error. Twas good.

However, bowl season sucked. The MAC went 0-6, despite putting up a decent showing in the Cotton Bowl against a solid Wisconsin team. None of the programs were able to put together a complete game to win, and it showed. In the Pick’em, we had a tie for first in the bowl games, so congrats to AJQHuskies82 and Coozie.

Full breakdown here

Now, since all the games are over, we have a winner. Remember, you were only tallied if you missed fewer than 4 weeks, or didn’t miss a three week stretch at any point in the season. There were 17 eligible contestants this year, so here are the bottom 10 with their point totals:

17th - TheGreatEscape (470)
16th - RocketBrock23 (538)
15th - Tallmidget57 (571)
14th - Rocket A (583)
13th - Da_Gerd (588)
12th - TheBeanScreen (604)
11th - Jordan Rinard (615)
10th - Huron Boy (617)
9th - AJQHuskies82 (628)
8th - wwenk821 (646)

Most of the contestants above missed a week at some point in the season, and it showed in their final points. wwenk821 was the only one to finish within 50 points of the winner.

Our next three finishers:

7th - cwo262 (650)
6th - Brown and Gold (662)
5th - kconnelly775 (667)

Really, this is where we get the contenders that had some slip ups down the stretch. Bowl season really took a hit on my title hopes, as my 45 points were near the bottom of all entries for the section, not just eligible contestants.

4th - luckroy (679)
3rd - ColinApocalypse (686)
2nd - Archie (687)

Colin could’ve won. Really. It came down to the Cotton Bowl, but the Broncos’ loss meant he had to settle for 3rd. Still, an impressive achievement. However, it’s not 1st place. And without further ado.......

Your 2016 Hustle Belt MAC Pick’em Champion is........

x22Fabulous - 693 points

Congratulations! You are a certified MACstradamus along with past champions myself and OHBobcats.

As to you all, a huge thank you for participating. It was another successful year, and the first one in the past three years I’ve actually been able to finish all the way through without something getting in the way. We’re hoping to be back next year, and I look forward to beating you all in my never-ending quest of world dominance MAC superiority.