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MAC-ku: Week 6 Recap

All conference games in Week 6 make for interesting narratives.

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

It’s time to break out the incense and calming music again, as MAC-ku is back with its sixth rendition!

This week was exclusively conference matchups, so it will be all about quality over quantity for this edition. If you’re new to this whole thing, here’s the rest of the MAC-ku archive so you can catch up on all the #MACtion thus far this season in 5-7-5 form.


CMU at Ohio

CMU by three.

Ohio lost four fumbles.

MAC East, meet Chaos.

Bowling Green at Miami

No more winless teams!

Miami was on the one.

Then, the Falcons were.

Toledo vs. EMU

Antoine Porter tried.

So too, did the Eagles.

Rockets squeeze by, hurt.

Akron vs. Ball State

Running A: success!

Ball State hurting for offense.

Zippy leads the East (!)

NIU vs. Kent State


Marcus Childers led the charge.

Shane Hynes: Kent’s three points.

WMU at Buffalo

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Goodness me, what a great game.

Just wow. Again. Wow.