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Five Things Learned - Eastern Michigan versus Army

Once again Eastern Michigan comes close but not close enough.

Run off tackle? That’s crazy talk.
Kenneth Bailey

For the fourth time in a row, the Eastern Michigan Eagles come up short in a game they probably had a chance to win. So what can we learn from this? Well at least five things.

1. The Defense Still Held up Pretty Well

Despite giving up 413 yards on the ground, the Eastern Michigan defense still held Army to around their average. They also held Army to three points below their season average. Eastern Michigan didn’t get any sacks in this game but that is next to impossible to do against a team that runs the option.

Still a pretty good approximation of the Army ground game.
Kenneth Bailey

2. Eastern Michigan’s run game still needs work

Eastern Michigan managed to run for 135 yards this game. This was only the second time that they ran for over 100 yards (the first was 126 yards against Charlotte). It still seems like Eastern Michigan should be running off tackle runs, especially with Shaq Vann. If nothing else, that will keep the field spread.

Yes, the picture is against Toledo but this seems a common theme all season.
Kenneth Bailey

3. Brogan Roback is pretty good

Brogan Roback managed to throw for 229 yards against Army. He also recorded four passing touchdowns (Two to Sergio Bailey, One to Antoine Porter and One to Mathew Sexton). He threw one pick but he wasn’t sacked. Something tells me that if they would have used a run/pass option for the two point conversion, Eastern would have had a close win instead of a close loss.

Once again Roback gets it done.
Kenneth Bailey

4. Eastern Michigan still has a shot at the MAC West Championship.

Despite losing four games in a row, only the Toledo game mattered. If they can finish the season on a high note, the MAC West is theirs for the taking. Western Michigan proved they are vulnerable. Eastern usually plays Central pretty tough. Ball State is beatable. The question mark is Northern Illinois but I think they are beatable especially if Eastern Michigan can improve it’s run game.

5. Yet it is still a long way to Detroit.

There are many things that concern me. First and foremost is the run game. I think many of their running woes are related to the offensive line. It seems like they can’t punch the holes open. To that end, I think Creighton needs to run more outside stuff. The defense has proven to be vulnerable to big plays. I think that is more a function of their style than their skill. So again, we’ll see.

At any rate, see you at the game on Saturday.