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The Fives Things Learned from the EMU @ Kentucky Game

In two years the defense has gone from woah to wow!

Neal Neathery getting ready to brief his defense.
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan was almost able to leave Lexington with a win. A missed field goal and some other mistakes prevented that. It would have been nice to see them break the SEC barrier and if things continue that may happen. But what did we learned?

1. This defense is for real.

They pretty much held Kentucky under their averages for the year so far. The passing game was held to 175 yards versus the average of 193 yards/game. Rushing was held to 53 yards versus 128 yards per game. Scoring was one point under the average. They were able to recover a fumble and reached the Kentucky quarterback 5 times. The more I see this defense, the more I like it.

The 757 is a plane of beauty.
Kenneth Bailey

2. The aerial game is pretty close to being on target.

Once again, Brogan Roback was able to throw for over 250 yards. The only knock is that he had two interceptions. He was also able to add two passing touchdowns to his total. If he keeps up this pace, he might be able to top Walter Church for Eastern Michigan’s all time passing record.

3. Sergio Bailey II should have been on our top 30 list.

He’s the man. That’s all I got to say about that.

4. The Eastern Michigan attitude is starting to change.

In years past, when the Eastern Michigan football team was faced by adversity, they would fold like Kenny Rogers in that movie he was in. In the past two games, they kept fighting and kept the games winnable. I would like to see them stop making some of the mistakes they make but many parts are still young.

I believe this was a tackle for loss.
Kenneth Bailey

5. Ugh!

Last week, Eastern Michigan managed to get 45 net yards on the ground. This week, it wasn’t even a third of that. I don’t know if its on the running backs or the line but something has to change. You’re not going to continue getting (or almost getting) success if one aspect of your game is down. Hopefully, it’s something that can be corrected before the colder part of the season hits.

This weekend, Eastern Michigan will be taking the shot hop down US-23 to Toledo. My camera and I will be following them. I hope it’s a good game.