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MAC-ku: Week 5 Recap

The poetry recap which doesn’t rhyme, but gets the feel of the game right 100 percent of the time.

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

It’s time to break out the incense and calming music again, as MAC-ku is back with its fifth rendition!

Personally, I also like to enjoy a good cup of jasmine tea with some sugar as I peruse the verses, letting the warmnes of the tea and the rhythm of the poetry take over my sensibilties. But hey, if you wanna read these on a crammed publuc transport bus or inside a super-busy coffeehouse, that’s cool too.

This week is the last of the non-conference slate, so from this point on, it will be all about quality over quantity. If you’re new to this whole thing, here’s the rest of the MAC-ku archive so you can catch up on all the #MACtion thus far this season in 5-7-5 form.


Central Michigan at Boston College

Frustration and angst.

Chippewa fans ask questions.

But, what’s the answer?

Buffalo at Kent State

Kent State can pass? Well!

A pleasant surprise, but still.

The Bulls ran away.

Ohio vs. UMass

One hundred eight points!

Who says seeing exes sucks?

Not Ohio U.

Eastern Michigan at Kentucky

We said it Thursday.

Kentucky: vulnerable.

We were proven right.

Miami at Notre Dame

Miami RedHawks?

More like Miami DedHawks.

At least in half one.

Akron vs. BGSU

It has been eight years.

Akron beat BGSU!

At what cost, dear Zips?

Ball State at Western Michigan

Holy crap, what happened?

An unexpected blowout.

The Broncos roll resumes.

NIU at #19 San Diego State

West Coast trip with stakes.

The Huskies love a challenge.

The Aztecs? Squeezed by.