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MAC-ku: It’s MACtion Eve

When your computer breaks down and you can’t write any new material for three weeks, you have to improvise.

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

An ode to MACtion

Short weeks pair with short

days, the haze of fall endures.

The nights, long with cold.

Midwest traditions

The leaves falling underfoot

Cider, apples, and ball.

Halloween sets scenes

Lights illuminate the fields

There’s nothing to fear.

Twelve cities, spread out,

Unite under a common

Love of the big game.

Air hanging cold, fresh.

Anticipation, as well.

The music plays. It begins.

Four weeks and twelve teams.

Pads meet, cleats compete for space.

On the biggest stage.

Mad, euphoric dash

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays too.

The screens flicker soft.

Boys of Saturday

Will conquer the weeknights

Seasons on the line.

Rivalries to start

Divisions up in the end

Battle for vic’try.

In the end, there’s two.

One East, One West, to rule all.

Detroit, the shining city.

One will trophy lift,

A life-long accomplishment.

The other, fuel.

The boys of the fall

Decide all in winter’s breath

Covered in its grace.

MACtion, the beauty.

Imperfect, but it’s our own.

Unique, and beloved.