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Hustle Belt Fantasy League 4.0: Weeks 4 and 5

Things are getting... tied up, to say the least.

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the wonderful and weird part of the Hustle Belt Fantasy League, where BYE weeks start taking a toll on rosters and the out-of-conference schedule fades into the back of our collective memories.

Last week caught our bookkeeper in a pickle, so this week, you get DOUBLE the coverage of your favorite fictional fantasy league in an abbreviated format! Next week, we’ll return to normal operations.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Five Dollar Phoutavongs drop: Nick Holley (QB/WR, Kent State), AJ Coney (WR, Akron), Jarad Ross (RB, Ohio), Bowling Green D/ST, Deric Phoutavong (WR, BGSU)

Five Dollar Phoutavongs add: Kwadarrius Smith (WR, Akron), Bowling Green D/ST, Davon Tucker (RB, WMU), Zach Lefebvre (TE, Buffalo), Trey Harrell (WR, Kent State)

Butts. drop: Komathi Holsey (WR, Buffalo), Morgan Hagee (K, Ball State), Bryce Kemp (TE, EMU)

Butts. add: Brendan Cope (WR, Ohio), Adam Mitcheson (K, Buffalo), Donnie Ernsberger (TE, WMU)

The Mangen Dixon Line drops: Quinten Maxwell (QB, Ohio), Matt Domer (RB, BGSU), Jauan Wesley (WR, NIU), Tom O’Leary (K-Akron)

The Mangen Dixon Line adds: Drew Anderson (QB, Buffalo), Theo Anderson (RB, Buffalo), Tom O’Leary (K, Akron), Kumehnnu Gwilly (RB, CMU)

Corey Davis Based God adds: Manny Morgan (RB, Akron), AJ Coney (WR, Akron)

Corey Davis Based God drops: Warren Ball (RB, Akron)

Missing Zachy T drops: Tommy Mister (RB, NIU)

Missing Zachy T adds: Andrew Clair (RB, BGSU)

Week 4 scores, in brief:

  • Five Dollar Phoutavongs 82-90 Brown and Goldman Sacks

Higest scorer:

Shane Morris (PHOUT): 195 passing yards, 33 rushing yards, one touchdown, two interceptions vs. Miami (18 points)

Jamauri Bogan (BAGS): 132 rushing yards, one touchdown (19 points) vs. Wagner

  • Corey Davis Based God 109-28 Party On, Garth!

Highest scorer:

Diontae Johnson (CDBG): 66 receiving yards, one touchdown (18 points) vs. Miami (FL)

Sam Martin (POG): 72 yards, one touchdown (13 points) vs. CMU

  • Missing Zachy T 58-39 Clickbait Wizardry

Highest scorer:

Gus Ragland (MZT): 217 passing yards, 35 rushing yards, three total touchdowns (25 points) vs. CMU

Jarvion Franklin (CBW): 111 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns (23 points) vs. Wagner

  • The Mangen Dixon Line 38-81 Butts.

Highest scorer:

Tyree Jackson (TMDL): 145 passing yards, 38 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns (20 points) vs. Florida Atlantic

Logan Woodside (BUTTS): 342 passing yards, 16 rushing yards, three passing touchdowns (25 points) vs. Miami (FL)

Week 5 scores, in brief:

  • Missing Zachy T 92-41 Five Dollar Phoutavongs

Highest scorers:

AJ Ouellette (MZT): 125 rushing yards, 26 receiving yards, two total touchdowns (26 points) vs. UMass

Daniel Santacaterina (PHOUT): 269 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, three interceptions (19 points) vs. #19 San Diego State

  • Brown and Goldman Sacks 47-53 Party On, Garth!

Highest scorers:

Thomas Woodson and Keishawn Watson (BAGS): 21 fantasy points each

WMU D/ST (POG): three sacks, one fumble recovery, one interception, one defensive touchdown, three points allowed (33 points) vs. Ball State

  • Butts. 76-107 Corey Davis Based God

Highest scorers:

Jon Wassink (BUTTS): 240 passing yards for three touchdowns (21 points) vs. Ball State

Nathan Rourke (CDBG): 181 passing yards, 113 rushing yards and four total touchdowns (38 points) vs. UMass

  • Clickbait Wizardry 67-49 The Mangen Dixon Line

Highest scorers:

Buffalo D/ST (CBW): four sacks, one interception, 13 points allowed (19 points) vs. Kent State

James Gardner (TMDL): 115 receiving yards, two touchdowns (23 points) vs. Notre Dame

Players of the Week(s)

Offense: Logan Woodside (BUTTS); Nathan Rourke (CDBG)

Defense: Ohio D/ST (BUTTS); WMU D/ST (POG)

Kicker: Jameson Vest (TMDL); Louie Zervos (CDBG)

Bench Player: Jarrett Doege (POG); Christian Blake (CDBG)


Ranking Team Record Total fantasy points Movement
1 Corey Davis Based God 4-1 512 Up 2
2 Butts. 4-1 381 ---
3 Five Dollar Phoutavongs 3-2 415 Down 2
4 The Mangen Dixon Line 2-3 323 Up 1
5 Missing Zachy T 2-3 323 Down 1
6 Brown and Goldman Sacks 2-3 303 Down 2
7 Party On, Garth! 2-3 240 ---
8 Clickbait Wizardry 1-4 224 ---