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Get your questions in for Friday’s Hustle Bag Mailbag

You’ve got Qs, we’ve got As.

Sometimes we have questions that we can’t answer. Who will win the MAC in football? Which MAC basketball coach would we want to take to Vegas? What historic MAC athlete would be the most successful WWE Superstar? What’s the go to dish to take to your office potluck so your crummy coworkers will stop talking bad about you and stealing your office supplies?

That’s where your friendly neighborhood experts of MACtion come in. We’re here to answer the tough questions. And unlike the Pac 12 and ESPN, we won’t have a petty little slap fight about what time it is going to be seen. Fantasy sports question? Got that covered. In need of life advice? Hit us with it. Wondering if your soulmate is worth two months salary and a question on one knee? Send a pic and then we’ll let you know. Use us to answer your queries and conundrums.

You can send your questions in via email ( or via the Twitter machine (@HustleBelt). We’ll put a first name with the question unless you tell us otherwise. Or use an alias. This isn’t rocket surgery, folks. Hustlebag kicks back off this week and will run every Friday. Mark your calendars and clear your schedules, Belters.