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[VIDEO] Kent State took Akron to Suplex City

That’s one way to get a head start on your post-game shower

Most of the NCAA commercials let everyone know that student athletes will likely be going pro in something other than sports. After Tuesday night’s contest between the Akron Zips and the Kent State Golden Flashes, Kent State defensive tackle Jon Cunningham may have a future in professional wrestling. Exhibit A:

In your MACtion dinner theater, that’s Kato Nelson playing the role of Roman Reigns and Cunningham playing the role of Brock Lesnar. That’s also totally not allowed on a football field and got Cunningham an ejection. Uh... ya think?

Sure, it was excessive. Maybe it was a dirty play. But man, great form on that suplex. Somebody page Paul Heyman, because that’s textbook. Welcome to MACdown on Tuesday nights.