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Black Friday deals on the most lit collegiate apparel from as low as $3.75

And no need to elbow an old lady to get it

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If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than rolling into a tailgate or game watch with a humorous shirt that’s the talk of the event. A well done sartorial selection takes your party from fun to epic and there’s just no excuse to not be stylin’ and profilin’. Has Ric Flair taught you nothing?

In not breaking news, today is the day for capitalism the world over, so it’s only fitting that you can celebrate some shopping and kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Get some bitchin’ new threads for your wardrobe
  2. Save some $ in the process

And it isn’t like it’s just national type things, though there are plenty of those if you’re looking for that great gift for the [insert national program] fan in your life. Or maybe you want to buy one to troll them at your next family gathering. That’s what I do. It’s real nice. But there’s MACtion to be found as well.

Like the WMU-themed Cotton Bowl magic carpet ride last year:

Or the CMU/Oklahoma State Hail Mary in the game that didn’t exist according to Mike Gundy:

Suffice to say, you can be the envy of your tailgate with this stuff. And it’s all on sale for Black Friday.

Looking for the Black Friday Blowouts?

You can check out the $5 collection, marked down to $3.75 through Monday here.

You can check out the $15 collection, marked down to $11.25 through Monday here.

Wasn’t that easy? No camping outside a store like a transient hobo dead set on the one 55-inch plasma for $25 inside the store.

If you’re looking for everything from college sports to baseball to NFL, you can check that out here. And remember, sitewide it’s 25% to 85% off through Monday.