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In Pictures: Ball State Cardinals at Eastern Michigan Eagles

What looked like a rainy miserable night, turned out pretty good for the Eagles fans.

Eastern Michigan provided plenty of fireworks last night but they still had some at the game.
Kenneth Bailey

After losing six in a row, it looked like Eastern Michigan may not have a shot at a bowl game. Part of me wants to say that there was a good team hiding in each of those games but it was being clouded by other factors. After writing the preview, it looked like Ball State might have been the cure for what was ailing them.

Some of the superlatives from last night. In scoring 56 points, they put up their largest total against an FBS team since beating rival Central Michigan in 2008. It was also the third most points against a MAC opponent. With a margin of victory of 42 points, it was their second largest margin of victory against a MAC team since winning 45-0 against Akron in 1997.

By putting up 263 yards in the game last night, Brogan Roback surpassed 8,000 career passing yards. This makes him the second Eastern Michigan quarterback to do so after Walter Church. He needs 1,038 yards to beat Walter Church to become the all time Eastern Michigan career passing leader. Unless Eastern makes a bowl game, that’s probably not going to happen.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the result of last night’s game.