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2017-2018 MAC Men’s Top Basketball Player #3 - James Thompson IV

He may be #3 on our list, but he’s #1 on mine.

James Thompson
James Thompson after a particularly hard fought game.
Kenneth Bailey

It doesn’t seem like it was two years ago when James Thompson IV roared onto the scene at Eastern Michigan. He came in like a lion and hopefully he will leave like one. Nor does it seem like a year since I last wrote up an article on James Thompson IV. I forget where we put him but I know that we put him higher this year.

Since I wrote up the article last year, I will just write about James Thompson from last season.

I love his skyhook.
Kenneth Bailey

James Thompson appeared in 32 of 33 games last year and started in all 32 games. At the end of the season, he was named to the All-MAC Second Team. If trends continue, I almost expect him to be named to the First Team after this season. Of course, that probably depends on how well the rest of the team does. While he is pretty good at fighting for a basket, he seems more effective when someone is feeding him.

Nice block!
Kenneth Bailey

That being said, he averaged 14.6 points per game which was good enough for 16th in the MAC. He also averaged 11.6 rebounds per game, which was good enough for 2nd in the MAC and 6th in the Nation. Of those total rebounds, an average of 4.8 of them were offensive rebounds per game. This was good enough for first in the MAC and 2nd in the Nation. He was able to get 20 double-doubles last season. He scored 26 points against Western Michigan and Miami.

With the loss of Baylee Steele and Nick Madray, James Thompson may find himself under the opponent’s basket more often. I hope that doesn’t affect other aspects of his game. Still I expect him to be good again this season.

James Thompson Dunks
But he’s most exciting when he dunks!
Kenneth Bailey