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Bowling Green Makes THE Best Coaching Hire This Bowl Season

And it’s just an assistant

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Generally, I don’t care about assistant hires. Anyone that got Lane Kiffin was getting a genius. And a 12 year old that could literally burn the program down at anytime with a dumb decision. Now he moved on to the head coaching ranks again, and it’s been glorious.

We have a source at Bowling Green that keeps us up to date, and he hinted at a story of interest. This source is solid, 100% reliable, and wont throw his team under the bus with an early release. Literally the perfect source. So he says, “BG is about to hire a defensive coordinator!”

I can’t tell you how little of a fuck a gave. The national treasure Herm Edwards took the head job at Arizona State, so my pea brain couldn’t fathom a hire I would care about.

Holy crapola!

Do I think it’s a good hire? Probably. Is that why I am excited? Hell no.

This hire brings Faux Pelini into our realm.

For you dry people that are unaware of Faux, let me introduce...

He is a parody of the former Nebraska coach and burnt toast safety that slowly roamed the Ohio State defensive backfield in the late 80s. He is also one of the funniest twitter accounts around.

Imma tell you right now, this will start a whole movement. “Bo, join Carl in the MAC”

While for most of you this will seem like a childish endeavor that isn’t funny nor fruitful, it will bring attention. And recruits.