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MAC Women’s Basketball Power Rankings: 2/1/17

A shake up at the top

Scott Walstrom, NIU Creative Services

Another week of women’s shootyhoops is in the book, and we at Hustle Belt have yet again come up with our power rankings. There was a shake up at the top, largely due to Central being on a 2 game losing streak. Find your favorite team, and then complain they aren’t high enough in the comment section below.

#12 Eastern Michigan Eagles

Average Rank 11.5 (Highest 11, Lowest 12)

I personally didn’t have the Eagles at the bottom, because they did just beat Bowling Green. I suspect some of my fellow voters like BGSU’s “quality” win, and are giving points for taking CMU to overtime.

#11 Bowling Green Falcons

Average Rank 11.3 (Highest 10, Lowest 12)

The Falcons have lost 6 in a row, but the good news is that they host the one MAC team they have beaten next.

#10 Miami RedHawks

Average Rank 10.1 (Highest 10, Lowest 11)

The RedHawks are a young team, and the future looks bright. There are also some winnable games coming up on their schedule.

#9 Akron Zips

Average Rank 9 (Highest 9, Lowest 9)

The only team we all agreed on. Their next four games are against Ball State, Bowling Green, Miami, and Kent. It will be interesting to see how they fare.

#8 Toledo Rockets

Average Rank 7 (Highest 5, Lowest 8)

As their win against Central showed, the MAC is very competitive. Anyone 8 through 1 can move a lot of spaces in the space of a week. If Toledo has a good week, expect them to jump.

#7 Western Michigan Broncos

Average Rank 6.8 (Highest Rank 6, Lowest Rank 8)

The next 2 weeks will be moving week for the Broncos. With Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Central Michigan on the schedule, it’s likely they move. Which direction is the question.

#6 Buffalo Bulls

Average Rank 6.5 (Highest Rank 5, Lowest 8)

The Bulls might think they deserve to be ranked higher, and they could be right. With Toledo and Kent on the schedule this week, they could prove us wrong.

#5 Kent State Golden Flashes

Average Rank 5.5 (Highest 4, Lowest 8)

Kent State has won 4 of the last 5, and the have the league’s leading scorer. It’s a good time to be a Golden Flash.

#4 Ball State Cardinals

Average Rank 4 (Highest 3, Lowest 5)

Cardinals are tied for second overall in the MAC, with a 7-2 conference record. Up next, Akron, Miami and Bowling Green. It might be a better time to be a Cardinal.

#3 Central Michigan Chippewas

Average Rank 2.8 (Highest 2, Lowest 4)

Losers of 2 in a row, the Chips face Ohio next. Did I mention the MAC was really competitive this season?

#2 Ohio Bobcats

Average Rank 2.1 (Highest 1, Lowest 3)

The Bobcats have the best overall record in the MAC, but this is a MAC blog. We care more about your MAC record in these parts.

#1 Northern Illinois Huskies

Average Rank 1.1 (Highest 1, Lowest 2)

Ok, one of us does care about overall record, and that one person kept the Huskies from being the unanimous number 1. Even though they didn’t agree with me, I am glad they did. As competitive as the MAC is, I don’t think there should be a unanimous number 1.