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MAC Basketball Power Rankings: Week 13

Number 1 is unanimous, to no one’s surprise.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Michigan at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Another week is in the books, and we at Hustle Belt have come up with our power rankings. We know our opinions don’t matter much more than a hill of beans, but this is our hill, and these are our beans. So scroll down unless you can’t handle the truth. If you do or don’t like our rankings, let us know in the comments section, but we’re not going to stand here while you bad mouth the United States of America. Bonus Hustle Belt points to anyone that can name the three movies I just quoted.

#12 Miami RedHawks

Average Rank 11.7 (Highest vote 11, Lowest 12)

There is no where else to go but up for the RedHawks. They get their next three games at home, so that’s exactly where they might go.

#11 Bowling Green Falcons

Average Rank 11.2 (Highest vote 11, Lowest 12)

The Falcons were able to beat Miami in their last outing. They hit 10 threes en route to scoring over 80 for the first time since their opening league game against Akron. Things are looking up!

#10 Western Michigan Broncos

Average Rank 10 (Highest vote 10, Lowest 10)

The Broncos are a solid 10. Nice. They rallied from 21 down against Ohio to end a 4 game skid, which is also nice.

#9 Kent State Golden Flashes

Average Rank 8.4 (Highest vote 8, Lowest 9)

The Golden Flashes play Miami and Bowling Green in their next two outings. Make of that what you will.

#8 Buffalo Bulls

Average Rank 7.4 (Highest vote 6, Lowest 9)

Unfortunately for the Bulls, some of their best performances still resulted in a loss against some really good teams. The good news is that they can play with anyone, and come tournament time, those losses wont mean much.

#7 Central Michigan Chippewas

Average Rank 7.2 (Highest vote 5, Lowest 9)

The Chips are a hard team to figure out this season. Well, that’s not true. The are an offensive juggernaut with a questionable defense. Teams like that can beat anyone, and lose to anyone. That makes for exciting basketball.

#6 Toledo Rockets

Average Rank 5.4 (Highest vote 4, Lowest 7)

The Rockets are a similar story to the Chips. Their last 3 games were decided by a total of 6 points.

#5 Ohio University Bobcats

Average Rank 5.1 (Highest vote 4, Lowest 7)

The Bobcats lost an all-time great in Antonio Campbell. They might have found one in Jason Carter. Obviously that’s a ridiculously premature thing to say, but the kid has been playing well in Campbell’s absence.

#4 Northern Illinois Huskies

Average Rank 4.4 (Highest vote 3, Lowest 5)

The Huskies showed they could play with Akron, but couldn’t quite pull out the win. Their road doesn’t get any easier, with Buffalo, EMU, WMU and Ball State up over the next two weeks.

#3 Eastern Michigan Eagles

Average Rank 3.1 (Highest vote 2, Lowest 4)

The Eagles have arguably the toughest road left. The good news is they can climb our power rankings if they keep winning.

#2 Ball State Cardinals

Average Rank 2.1 (Highest vote 2, Lowest 3)

We had a lot of questions about this team to start the year. Mainly, were they for real after winning 21 games the year before. In Coach Whitford’s first two years they won 12, combined. Even though there is plenty of basketball left, I think we can answer that question. Yes, the Cardinals are for real.

#1 Akron Zips

Average Rank 1 (Highest vote 1, Lowest 1)

This should come as a shock to no one. 19-3 overall, and 9-0 in the MAC pretty much says it all. With a few exceptions, they aren’t blowing anyone out. I think that makes them a better team come tournament time.