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HustleBelt Daily Dump: Friday 02/03/2017

Super Bowl Prop Bets, Buffalomeat and Magic is Back on Fridays Daily Dump

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WhatIfSports Super Bowl LI prop bet predictions: Lady Gaga's first halftime song and more

Fox Sports

The Super Bowl is the most bet on event of the sports year. It’s not just the game though, as prop bets have become highly popular, making things more interesting throughout the extravaganza that is the Super Bowl. Fox Sports consulted with and OddShark’s Jon Campbell and ran simulations on the most popular prop bets in order to get some predictions for Sunday’s action.

The coin toss has come up tails in three consecutive Super Bowls but the key here is that the Patriots are 4-0 in Super Bowls when losing the coin toss. They have called heads in all of their games over the last 2 years, so considering they are the favorites to win and they are calling the toss heads, the good money is on tails, I guess. Really its a coin toss. So I would say 50/50 odds, but that’s just me.

Luke Bryan is singing the National Anthem and the line is set at 2 minutes and 15 seconds on how long it takes him to complete. The experts have reviewed the tape and he is wildly inconsistent in his prior performances. However he has sung the anthem longer every time he performs. His last outing he really paced himself and finished at 2 minutes and 28 seconds. The experts think he “reigns it in” and goes under. Considering this is the Super Bowl, he could milk it for all it’s worth and crush the over.

In a job that deserves some sort of extra compensation the experts have listened to Lady Gaga’s entire discography and live performances to predict which song she opens the halftime show with. They have predicted “Born This Way” will be her opening song. I would say it’s gonna be “Edge of Glory” but I don’t have a team to go back and listen to her performances and I would rather be hit by a car.

There are hundreds of prop bets ranging from aspects of the actual to game to the completely absurd and these experts have put in time and research to make an educated guess. So good luck to all of you throwing down on what Gaga is going to wear. Just remember, the NFL is sensitive about halftime show wardrobes.

Illinois State football’s newest signee Kobe Buffalomeat breaks the internet

Daily News Sports

Well National signing day broke the Internet this year. No, people are not that into their teams new recruits, they are into Illinois State Offensive lineman signee, Kobe Buffalomeat. Yes, that is his real name. He is a 285 lb. offensive lineman and the Redbirds are elated to have landed him. “We think he can be a very special player here,” Redbirds recruiting coordinator Lamar Conrad said in the signing announcement video. “You just can’t recruit that kind of size and attitude.”

You cant buy this kind of publicity either. Buffalomeat has propelled Illinois State into the national spotlight, at least for the moment. When asked, Buffalomeat confirmed that his parents did name him after Kobe Bryant. Jokes and posts on Twitter automatically went to the hilarious sketch comedy bit from Comedy Central’s show “Key and Peele.” The sketch depicts an East/West all-star football game introduction where all of the players have ridiculous and funny names.

There are actually 4 editions of “Key and Peele’s” East/West Bowl. My question is why have we not heard of any other Buffalomeat’s before. Are they the only family with this last name? Needless to say, Buffalomeat’s emergence onto the college football scene leaves me with a number of unanswered questions.

What advice the Lakers can expect from Magic Johnson, according to his tweets


The Los Angeles Lakers announced on Thursday that they are bringing Magic Johnson back into the fray. The Lakers stated that he will help Jeanie Buss in “all areas business and basketball.” Magic asked that his Vice President title be removed last June and he cut ties with the organization. He will be considered a special adviser to the organization now.

This is all rather comical if you happen to follow Johnson on Twitter at all. Johnson has become known for his blatantly obvious Twitter statements. In fact the hashtag #MagicTweets has become popular when mocking his “hot takes.” This USA Today article took a look back at some of his best tweets in an attempt to imagine his advice to Jeanie Buss and the Lakers as they move forward.

Magic has offered advice to his team via Twitter over the past couple years in regards to personnel. Hopefully he can come up with some more creative ideas in his new position.

“Laker Nation: The first free agent the Lakers should go after is Kevin Durant.”

“Laker Nation: The Lakers should call LeBron James agent. We know he's going stay in CLE but they should go after him just in case he leaves.”

Wow, great advice from Magic here. Call Lebron’s agent! Way to think outside the box. So we can expect Magic to tell Jeanie that Lebron James and Kevin Durant are good players. Fantastic stuff.

“Laker Nation: DeMar DeRozan should be one of the free agents we go after this summer.”

“I hope Kobe, Steve, Coach D'Antoni, Mitch, Jim and Jeanie Buss can get @DwightHoward to stay with the Lakers!”

Another player that the Lakers had no legitimate shot at acquiring in Demar Derozan and a huge failure in Los Angeles, Dwight Howard. Groundbreaking.

“With Steph Curry on the floor the Golden State Warriors are a championship team! Without him they are still a very good team!”

“The only way San Antonio or Miami don't win the championship is if neither team makes the finals.”

What insight! Just think, with this move to bring Magic on as an adviser, this knowledge will be readily available to Lakers. What a shot in the arm for Laker Nation. Magic is back baby.