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MAC Women’s Basketball Power Rankings: Week 14

Teams are jockeying for position as conference play heats up

Scott Walstrom, NIU Creative Services

The Ohio Bobcats are starting to separate themselves from the pack in the East. There are three teams in the West that are pulling ahead, all with slightly better records than OU. It’s becoming a 4 team race at the top. Exactly who is on top this week? Let’s find out!

#12 Eastern Michigan Eagles

Average Rank 11.6 (Highest vote 11, Lowest 12)

The Eagles followed their first conference win with a couple of losses last week. They have Kent and Miami this week, so if they are going to turn it around, it better be soon.

#11 Miami RedHawks

Average Rank 10.5 (Highest Vote 9, Lowest 12)

There is always next year for Miami, which is a good thing. They have one of the best freshman in the league, and are a young team overall.

#10 Bowling Green Falcons

Average Rank 10 (Highest Vote 9, lowest 12)

The Falcons demolished the Zips in their last outing, and have been looking better in some close losses.

#9 Akron Zips

Average Rank 9.83 (Highest Vote 9, Lowest 11)

The Zips shocking win against Northern Illinois can only carry them so far. If they want to stay out of the bottom three, they need to start winning.

#8 Western Michigan Broncos

Average Rank 7.5 (Highest Vote 6, Lowest 8)

Losers of 3 straight, things don’t get any easier for the Broncos this week. They face Central Michigan and Toledo. Not much separates 8th thru 5th place, so a couple of wins and the Broncos could jump dramatically.

#7 Buffalo Bulls

Average Rank 6.83 (Highest Vote 5, Lowest 8)

After hosting Northern Illinois Saturday, the Bulls schedule gets a lot easier. Don’t be surprised if they start jumping up our rankings, especially if they can pull off the upset against the Huskies.

#6 Kent State Golden Flashes

Average Rank 6 (Highest Vote 5, Lowest 7)

Up next for the Golden Flashes, Eastern Michigan and Akron.

#5 Toledo Rockets

Average Rank 5.6 (Highest Vote 5, Lowest 7)

A 3 game losing streak a few weeks back has really hurt the Rockets. It’s getting to the point where every game is a must win if they want to win the West, starting with Western Michigan tonight.

Kenneth Bailey

#4 Ball State Cardinals

Average Rank 3.5 (Highest Vote 2, Lowest 4)

Ball State is the bottom of the highest tier of teams. They have all the teams higher on the list ahead of them, so their destiny is in their own hands.

#3 Central Michigan Chippewas

Average Rank 2.83 (Highest Vote 2, Lowest 4)

Who is Central Michigan playing tonight, you ask? Why none other than Northern Illinois. Huge game.

#2 Ohio Bobcats

Average Rank 2.66 (Highest Vote 2, Lowest 3)

The Bobcats have a 2 game lead over the Bulls and Golden Flashes in the East. They play both those teams next week, right after playing Ball State and Central Michigan this week. To say these next two weeks will be crucial for the Bobcats is an understatement.

Scott Walstrom, NIU Creative Services

#1 Northern Illinois Huskies

Consensus number 1

Did I already mention Northern Illinois plays Central Michigan tonight? Good, because it needs to be shouted from the mountain tops. It’s the biggest game of the year, at least until the next one. There are a lot of exciting match-ups still left on the women’s shootyhoops schedule.