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Let’s talk Mid-American Conference SHOOTYHOOPS shall we?

Brackets, projections, standings, conference tourneys!

Ball State v San Diego State Photo by Kent C. Horner/Getty Images

Midday Wednesdays are the absolute worst. You’re close enough to the weekend to smell it and feel it, but still far enough away that mailing in your work responsibilities and gliding to a nice easy finish is somewhat frowned on. Sure, you can hang out by the break room for a while, but Rhonda always comes nosing around and inserting herself in your slacking with her judgmental deadened eyes. NO ONE ASKED YOUR OPINION, RHONDA!

But fear not and rejoice, friends, because we are weeks away from those glorious days known as the NCAA Tournament. Those days where it’s basically accepted that productivity is zero if you even show up. If you already have a job that lets you take extended lunches while you grab icy cold domestic drafts, spicy chicken wings, and watch wall to wall basketball for the better part of 12 hours for two days, then let me forward you my resume. It’s impressive.

For the rest of us, though, we cling to those days. We need those days. It’s a mini-vacation from work, life, and responsibilities filled with buzzer beaters, brackets, and enough cream cheese based dip concoctions that Mable the bell cow is questioning your life choices. Stupid Mable.

If you’re not excited, then that’s unacceptable. Perhaps it’s just because you haven’t been paying attention and that’s where this helpful post comes in. Let’s chat a bit about SHOOTYHOOPS and what you have to look forward to, from the MAC Tournament on.

Cleveland Rocks!

First up on our magical March bonanza is the conference tourney. Here’s your bracket:

MAC Tournament Bracket

You may think you know how it’s going to go, but I assure you that you’re wrong. Quite simply, the MAC is a chaotic mess where anyone beats anyone on any given night. The final conference games are March 3, so we’ll know who goes into what slots then. I’d like to give you a projection, but in truth, it wouldn’t be close to accurate. Five teams have identical 10-7 records so it’s still anybody’s guess. The only surefire thing is that Akron is going to be on the one line for the tourney and Miami is in the 12 slot. Of course, Miami just beat Akron at Akron, so do with that information as you like. It’s chaos, as you’d expect for the post season tourney of the conference that gave us MACtion.

You can get your fill of your conference tourney preparation over at the Mothership’s Championship Week Preview here. It’s not just MAC, it’s everything, and you aren’t truly informed until you check it out.

On to the Big Dance

Granted, it will be chaos, but your leading prognosticators have the MAC as a one-bid conference. Most have Akron has the participant in the big dance, likely because they are currently the “best” team as it goes in the standings. Consider them a placeholder for projection’s sake not an absolute certainty.

SBNation has the MAC’s entrant as a 14 seed playing third-seeded UCLA in a first round matchup in Sacramento. That’s less than ideal. As an entrant in their East regional (New York), the top four seeds are Villanova, Kentucky, UCLA, and Duke. That’s also less than ideal but what a Cinderella run it would be.

Joe Lunardi at ESPN has the MAC’s entrant also a 14-seed, playing third-seeded Florida State in Orlando as a member of the West regional. The top four seeds in their projected San Jose regional are Gonzaga, Oregon, Florida State, and Purdue.

Jerry Palm from CBSSports is the relative optimist of the group, placing the MAC entrant as the 13th seed in the South region with a date against 4th seed Purdue in Milwaukee. In Palm’s bracket the top four seeds in the Memphis regional are North Carolina, UCLA, Kentucky, and Purdue. One of those schools isn’t like the others.

We’ll have a complete conference tourney breakdown after the final regular season games wrap up on Friday. We’ll at least know the first four games, which is more concrete information than we’ve had in a while.