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Selection Sunday 2017: Time, TV channel, and live stream for bracket announcement

Hello brackets, goodbye productivity

NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Committee Meets In Manhattan Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Depending on who you ask, today might very well be one of the most exciting and talked about sports days of the calendar. Tonight at 5:30 we’ll be finding out who’s going where and who will be on the saltwagon when the dust settles and their bubbles burst. Welcome to madness.

For your friendly neighborhood Mid-American Conference teams, it’s more about where instead of who. With Kent State’s win in the MAC Championship yesterday, they locked their spot in the field of 68, but where they end up is anyone’s guess. Most experts have them between 13 and 15 but you know what they say about opinions. There’s still a ray of hopeful optimism that Akron will sneak in with an at-large bid, but even with the MAC-centric rose colored glasses that we have here, that’s just not visible. Akron is NIT bound as an automatic qualifier, and we’ll have all that information when it is set as well.

For now, though, we’re focused on the Big Dance. I’ve always been a big believer that if you give me five teams, I can almost guarantee that I can pick the winner of the whole thing. My Group of 5 theory has held well almost every year. This year? Not so much. Teams not in the upper echelon (like Louisville, Kentucky, or Arizona) are capable of getting hot at the right time. Teams in the upper tier (Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas) all have flaws and are far from unbeatable. Then there’s Duke and Gonzaga who appear to be equal parts talent and inconsistency. What a time to be alive!

So significant SHOOTYHOOPS is right around the corner. Get yourself ready and follow along with us.

Selection Sunday 2017

Date: Sunday March 12

Time: 5:30 PM ET

Television: CBS initially then basically every sports talk channel across the spectrum

Online stream:

Consider this your open thread for the wrap up of the conference tourneys today and subsequently the bracket reveal immediately following. Bonus HustleBucks awarded to those who get closest to Kent State’s seeding and regional. The next few weeks are going to be wall to wall basketball so you might as well get an early start. Comment section... see you there.