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NCAA bracket 2017: No. 14 Kent State will play No. 3 UCLA on Friday in Sacramento

Golden Flashes take on the Bruins

NCAA Basketball: MAC Conference Tournament-Akron vs Kent State Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

You’ll hear narrative after narrative in the coming days as the 2017 NCAA basketball tournament ramps up about David and Goliath. The Mid-American Conference Champion Kent State will be more the former than the latter as they face off against the UCLA Bruins in the South region as a 14th seed on Friday in Sacramento. If Kent State wanted the chance to pull a historic upset, here’s their chance.

To say Kent State was the expected MAC entrant to the tourney would be a somewhat less than correct one, as the Golden Flashes were a 6-seed in the MAC tournament. But like all good things in life, it’s sometimes the unexpected things that taste the sweetest. The Golden Flashes’ MAC Championship win over Akron on Saturday in Cleveland earned them this date with UCLA and let’s hope they have their slingshots ready.

UCLA comes into March as a 3-seed with a 29-4 record. They also have one of the premier individual players in the tourney with Lonzo Ball. The Bruins got blown out by Arizona in the Pac12 tourney, but I think the MAC demonstrated how wacky conference tournament season can be. Make no mistake, UCLA may be a three-seed, but ask anyone in the know and they’ll tell you that UCLA is one of the most dangerous teams in the entire tournament. It’s a tall order anywhere, especially so in Sacramento.

Times will be released later so you can plan your vacation time or sick leave (if need be). If you ask us nicely, we can write you a very sweet note to leave your spouse/friends/family/boss/patients. This. Is. March. Get ready Bruins, because you’re about to be introduced to MACtion.

Your full bracket can be downloaded and printed here, and you can join up with your friendly neighborhood MAC fans in the Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge here.