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Beat the Belt by joining and winning the HustleBelt NCAA bracket pool

Kent State to the Final Four? Bet you won’t.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Committee Meets In Manhattan
It’s more frustrating to make a bracket than to win one
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Last night I waited with bated breath to see exactly how the NCAA Tournament bracket was going to shake out. The next four days, if you’re like me, you’ll spend your free time pondering, researching, bracket-ing, and a whole bunch of other things that you hope will pay off in your SHEET OF INTEGRITY. Inevitably, someone will win whatever pool you’re in by picking the mascots or the colors or the coach cuteness, so don’t try to overthink things, Lunardi. You know hoops.

And here’s your chance to prove that you know more than the people who run this here little slice of MACtion on the World Wide Webs, by joining up and competing in our Official Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge!

The winner of this year's bracket challenge will take home the following fabulous prizes:

  • Hustle Belt bragging rights for the entire year. (Approximate retail value: Eleventy Billion Dollars)
  • A Tweet and Facebook status from the Hustle Belt accounts bragging to the entire world about how smart you are. (Approximate retail value: Threveteen Thousand Yen)

So while we aren’t playing for money, we are playing for bragging rights. And just imagine how much fun you’ll have telling Rocket or James that you know more about SHOOTYHOOPS than they do. So for the good of Hustle Belt and SB Nation, join our bracket group, and do a better job at picking these games than the MAC loyalists who are sure to have Kent State in the Final Four.